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5 Card Reading

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The Empress back The Empress front
Judgement back Judgement front
Knight of Wands back Knight of Wands front
Knight of Cups back Knight of Cups front
Nine of Pentacles back Nine of Pentacles front
The Lovers back The Lovers front
Nine of Swords back Nine of Swords front
Page of Cups back Page of Cups front
Temperance back Temperance front
Justice back Justice front
Ace of Swords back Ace of Swords front
Nine of Cups back Nine of Cups front
Eight of Swords back Eight of Swords front
King of Swords back King of Swords front
Ten of Pentacles back Ten of Pentacles front
Queen of Cups back Queen of Cups front
The Fool back The Fool front
Two of Pentacles back Two of Pentacles front
The Devil back The Devil front
The Star back The Star front
Six of Swords back Six of Swords front
Seven of Swords back Seven of Swords front
Eight of Wands back Eight of Wands front
Queen of Swords back Queen of Swords front
The Chariot back The Chariot front
Five of Wands back Five of Wands front
Page of Swords back Page of Swords front
Five of Swords back Five of Swords front
Four of Wands back Four of Wands front
Six of Wands back Six of Wands front
The Hermit back The Hermit front
King of Pentacles back King of Pentacles front
Queen of Wands back Queen of Wands front
Page of Wands back Page of Wands front
Two of Swords back Two of Swords front
Nine of Wands back Nine of Wands front
Two of Wands back Two of Wands front
Knight of Pentacles back Knight of Pentacles front
The Hierophant back The Hierophant front
King of Cups back King of Cups front
Five of Pentacles back Five of Pentacles front
The High Priestess back The High Priestess front
King of Wands back King of Wands front
Five of Cups back Five of Cups front
The Hanged Man back The Hanged Man front
The Sun back The Sun front
Page of Pentacles back Page of Pentacles front
The Tower back The Tower front
Seven of Pentacles back Seven of Pentacles front
Wheel of Fortune back Wheel of Fortune front
Death back Death front
The Moon back The Moon front
Ten of Cups back Ten of Cups front
Two of Cups back Two of Cups front
Ace of Pentacles back Ace of Pentacles front
The Emperor back The Emperor front
Six of Pentacles back Six of Pentacles front
Three of Cups back Three of Cups front
Six of Cups back Six of Cups front
Knight of Swords back Knight of Swords front
Seven of Cups back Seven of Cups front
Seven of Wands back Seven of Wands front
Three of Swords back Three of Swords front
Ten of Wands back Ten of Wands front
Three of Pentacles back Three of Pentacles front
Four of Cups back Four of Cups front
Ace of Cups back Ace of Cups front
The World back The World front
Eight of Cups back Eight of Cups front
Four of Swords back Four of Swords front
Queen of Pentacles back Queen of Pentacles front
The Magician back The Magician front
Strength back Strength front
Four of Pentacles back Four of Pentacles front
Ace of Wands back Ace of Wands front
Eight of Pentacles back Eight of Pentacles front
Three of Wands back Three of Wands front
Ten of Swords back Ten of Swords front
5/5 cards left

This layout and its interpretation are prepared by a tarotologist:

Ellen Cardisson

Ellen Cardisson View profile

Star Seeker, Tarot Reader, Fairy in Daily Life
Ellen Cardisson is interested in constellations and very good at reading tarot cards. She has been interested in Tarot cards for a long time because she has a deep fascination with the supernatural. Ellen studied at The University of Tampa, so she brings both intellectual discipline and natural understanding to her work with cards. Many people want her to interpret their Tarot cards because she has a special mix of knowledge and magic. People who want advice and a little magic to help them find their way can get a special consultation from Ellen. She asks you to let go of the fear of the unknown and explore the bright opportunities that lie ahead through online Tarot readings.

Regain your inner strength and grow spiritually with 5-card Tarot reading online

Being beset by an endless amount of troubles and problems, suffering due to the inability to efficiently hurdle obstacles or attain the desired aims, and having no clue what steps to take next for prosperous tomorrow, probably it is the perfect time to reveal the knowledge beyond the ordinary with the 5-card Tarot reading online. Here are the prime motives why you should try to hack this old truth-revealing method:

  • Five symbols will help you understand the origins of your problems, what they stem from, and how to avoid getting bogged down with troubles that add up quickly and without control.
  • Anyone can gain powerful insight, use wisdom, and restore well-being, and moreover, a free 5-card Tarot reading provides mental space for thinking, analyzing factors affecting the situation, reflecting on events that have happened, and forecasting.
  • Valuable tips that each position of the card gives based on your concern allow you to be geared toward accomplishing all goals, reaching heights, and, at the same time, having balance, inner harmony, and an enhanced level of peace of mind. 

Such an approach was used more than 600 hundred years ago, however, it is still relevant and can ensure sound guidance, meeting the modern and ever-changing needs of people who seek more control in any aspect, such as a job or financial behavior. 5-card Tarot reading online is the tool that is always available and assists in breaking all barriers on the way to development and prospering. 

Bring clarity to an event or situation

Being confused, one can opt for Tarot spreads on the perfectly-designed digital platform. If you are choosing this path, no worries. Of course, interpretation of omens, signs, and messages can be not a simple undertaking. But each of the cards has an easy-to-grasp explanation, so you can be sure that your 5 Tarot card reading experiences will be straightforward, smooth, and sometimes even fun. You will not find a better source of useful information.

Thus, you will be capable of nurturing your personal, professional, and financial growth, detecting areas for development, finding tools to fight weaknesses, and getting rid of fragility. With free 5-card Tarot reading, you repair your confidence, self-awareness, and esteem, boosting your chances of self-realization. More control over your emotion and mind will re-shape how you handle any challenges, so if one is impinged by some kind of difficulty, do not panic, visit the platform, pick five symbols, and dive deep into its message. 

What else will you get? Sharpened instincts and stronger intuition. You can even discover routes to the most hidden recesses of your mind, soul, and unconsciousness. The benefits that such spread yields are impressive, and there are no other tools that can program you for success by shielding away from barriers and limits. If you haven't interacted with cards before, just imagine that they are puzzles that together make a whole picture, where every element has its own position and carries a particular symbolism. This symbolism is about worries, desires, problems, hesitations, etc. In fact, the bits of information that symbols can give you have no boundaries. So follow the instruction given on the platform, carefully explore each description, and grab your chance of developing and transforming. 





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