Meaning of The Tower Tarot Card


Tower in Tarot is a symbol of authority, great opportunities and greatness, ambition, opportunities and patronage. Since ancient times, the tower has been a symbol of defense, where you can hide during an attack and defend against the attack.

But, since the time of the Tower of Babel, this card has become a symbol of disunity, separation, alienation, due to exaggerated demands and excessive conceit, as a result, misunderstanding, loneliness, exile and dungeon. Use free Tarot reading on our website to plunge into the world of astrology!


Authority, Solitude, Protection, Loneliness, Isolation, Reliability, Aloofness, Ego, Arrogance.

Tower Tarot card meaning: Upright Meaning

The Tower Lenormand card has nothing to do with the Tower card in Tarot. If in Tarot it is a symbol of destruction, then in Lenormand - the achievement of a result, stability, reliability. It can be considered conditionally neutral, but due to its static nature and steadfastness, it can win back negatively. In general, the Tower is highly dependent on the surrounding maps.

Often shows the end of a long journey, the achievement of the goal, without satisfaction. The Tower Tarot card meaning is about a profitable financial and career situation, such people are ready to dedicate themselves to work instead of love. The 19th card speaks of social institutions that follow law and order. Also, the Tower is a symbol of hierarchy, bureaucracy.

Tower Tarot card meaning: Reversed Meaning

A reverse Tower Tarot indicates that it is difficult to reach the goal. There are obstacles from the authorities. The Tower serves as a symbol of the establishment of a border, a separate territory, therefore, with certain combinations, it speaks of divorce, separation, termination of cooperation.

The Tower card in Tarot can also be a sign of forced limitation in actions (going to a hospital or prison), including isolation from society, illnesses and precarious position. 

Tower in a Love Reading

Upright: In the context of relationships, the Tower in Tarot must be interpreted carefully, it often speaks of breaking up. It may also indicate that the partners live separately from each other and run the household separately, each of them has its own budget, may even live in different cities, there are a lot of formalities and alienation between people.

In rare cases, the Tower next to the Heart can speak of a long union, however, as a rule, one partner rules, another - obeys. This card in the deck may mean that there is an age difference between the couple. Finally, if you are alone, then the reason for such a romantic status is your love for work, as now you are literally married to your job.

Reversed: There are also situations when one partner suffers from the pressure, because of what one feels themselves like in a nightmare. According to Lenormand Tower combinations,"Tower + Heart" says that you have closed your soul from the world and will not allow anyone to come close to you, or if you have a loved one, then it is a strong and stable romantic relationship. The combination "Tower + Home" means a safe place, a warm family day or the same cycle on common issues and isolation from the community. 

Tower When Asking About Careers

Upright: The Tower in Tarot guarantees stability in a professional manner. You will receive a normal income, create a stable business and continue to take the boat ladder. There are no threats or abrupt changes. 

Reversed: In certain combinations the Tower can mean that possible corporations or job contracts may be cancelled or terminated.

Tower When Asking About Finances

Upright: You have a stable financial position, including investments, bank savings. Due to the Tower Lenormand, your work may be connected with public services and isolated places. Your business is flourishing, possible new long-term projects. A person, having earned money by honest labor, begins to engage into charity or patronage.

Reversed: The Tower in Tarot advises to separate work and love in order to prevent problems in future.

FAQ Tower Lenormand card meaning

  • What does the Tower card mean in Tarot?

    In the Lenormand deck, the Tower still looks more like a sentry and protective, or a feudal lord's castle. Thus, the main Tower Tarot card meaning is defense.

  • What is shown on this card?

    A tower rises on a rocky lonely cliff overlooking the sea. The landscape may differ in different decks, but the essence is the same - a lonely or inaccessible desert place and the central component is a tower.

  • What is this card by number?

    The tower corresponds to the 19th number. There is a full list of Lenormand description and meaning on our resource.

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