Man Card Meaning


The Man identifies as a symbol of the universe, because he was the first alive object created by God. The Man Lenormand meaning is about rational principle, power, ambitiousness, extroversion, fearlessness. Also, the Man is the figure of the Father in our subconscious, that sets the way to interact with society and the law. Tarot free reading and description is available on our platform.


Activity, Pressure, Authority, Beginning, Force, Brother, Courage 

Lenormand card meaning of the Man: Upright Meaning

So, the Man card is the Questioner’s card, then male in Querent’s life (male friend, partner, family member), if the Querent identifies as male - the Querent, masculinity, animus. If a female has a lover and he is more significant to her at the moment, then the Man card will be his significator.

In other cases, the Man Tarot card meaning is interpreted as a symbol of the masculine in all its manifestations. The card may characterize either a man, or a woman. As for the second meaning, it often shows that the woman herself is the master of the situation. Sometimes it means that the woman has some masculine qualities, for example property, business and power. She is independent and is actively realizing her projects. Finally, the card speaks of the manifestation of typical masculine qualities (will, courage, perseverance, strength, determination).

Lenormand card meaning of the Man: Reversed Meaning

A negative Man Lenormand meaning is understood as an overabundance of masculinity: aggression, arrogance, rudeness. For a male this may be a sign to change something in your character or behavior. Also, the card may hint that a person needs to show himself as a man, to have a more active lifestyle, not to be afraid to act with great speed and be able to achieve his goals.

The Man in a Love Reading

Upright: If the Man Tarot card meaning is about two loved ones, then this is a successful couple, focused on joint life, buying a car and apartment and creating a family. It’s recommended not to hesitate boasting of their happiness and demonstrating it in social networks. 

If the card shows one person, then this one has a man’s mentality and character, knows how to take decisions and perfectly understands his goals and ambitions. This card may mean that the relations are kept due to ma’s efforts. If a woman has no relationship, then the Man card in her scenario may mean that a new man, a new romance and a relationship will enter her life.

Reversed: Another meaning of the Man is a rival or the presense of a new interesting man in a woman's life who will play an important role. A man begins to interfere in someone’s relationships.

The Man When Asking About Careers

Upright: You bear great responsibility for the whole business, provide leadership and make decisions yourself. The Man Lenormand meaning in job symbolizes a strong male hand that rules a successful company. The card can represent a boss or a work colleague. If you are looking for a job, then wait for an offer from a man.

Reversed: A negative Lenormand Man meaning warns not to lose all the masculine qualities and follow your course.

The Man When Asking About Finances

Upright: The Man means that the material position is stable. Possible arrival of money from a man.

Reversed: Another Lenormand Man meaning in finances is possible losses due to man’s weakness.

FAQ Lenormand card meaning of the Man

  • What does the Man mean in reading Lenormand?

    The main Man Lenormand meaning is the beginning, manifesting, as in the moral, as well as in the physical aspects. The cad displays the presence of courage, masculinity, responsiveness, speed, solvency and the desire to keep your point of view.

  • What is shown on this card?

    Traditionally, the 28th Lenormand card depicts a gentleman or a well-dressed man, usually standing in a waiting position, as if someone is about to approach him. This man is middle-aged, of average build and average height.

  • What is this card by number?

    The symbol is listed under the 28th number in the Lenorman deck.

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