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"Free Tarot Reading" is a spiritual journey that takes you to the mystical realm. I am Ellen Cardisson, a Tarot reader and fairy in daily life, along with Viktoria Blank, an intuitive Tarot mentor, and Galina Gromova, specializing in Personalized Tarot Readings and Tarot Instructor.

Whether one seeks guidance on financial matters, career advancement, or personal matters, these ancient cards provide swift and practical insights rooted in profound wisdom. You can rely on your instincts to interpret the Tarot cards in a meaningful way, gaining more insight and understanding yourself as you go along.

Our inspirers

Ellen Cardisson

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Star Seeker, Tarot Reader, Fairy in Daily Life
Viktoria Blank

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Intuitive Tarot Mentor
Galina Gromova

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Personalized Tarot Readings, Tarot Instructor

In times of despair or confusion, let the Tarot Cards help you by providing motivation and guidance for your next steps. By aligning with your inner energy, you will find balance in your life and find effective ways to navigate uncertainty. Welcome to a journey where the Tarots wisdom meets the insights of these experienced guides.

Let the cards fall where they may.

If you are thinking of transforming your life, then contact an astrologer and opt for a tarot card reading. Tarot card readings are an excellent opportunity to start a fresh new life. Tarot readings help diagnose those aspects of your personality that need nurturing, therefore helping you to become a better person.

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