Knight of Wands Card Meaning

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Knight of Wands

This card symbolizes a successful person, who has reached certain heights in life and career. His outstanding qualities are energy and enthusiasm. For him it is very important to apply them, realize his potential and desires. He is always aware of all matters, always in the center of the events. His job is to solve problems.

The Knight of Wands acts according to his own desires, he is driven by energy and initiative. They are people stimulated by their own ideas and entrepreneurship, and before doing anything, they will first weigh everything thoroughly, find helpers and the necessary materials, and only then act. The Knight has a true love for freedom and tends to take decisions on his own. His character traits include creativity, kindness, adventurousness, honesty. This card may hint that it’s necessary to act on your own while making a decision.


Upright: freedom-lover, prudence, smart mind, independence, confidency, impulsive, determined, too fast in relationships, new opportunities.

Reversed: selfishness, irascibility, problems, quarrels, turmoil, lack of efforts, fleeting connections, inability to build a couple.

Knight of Wands Upright

This card symbolizes travel and changes. You may go on a trip abroad or on vacation, or for any other reason, or move to live there. The person feels with an inner instinct that something is likely to happen: new interests, good news, business orders, careerism, etc. The Knight symbolizes a man of middle age (25-45 years), definitely certain in his life. This man is competitive, furious, impetuous, active and noble, but also chatty. 

Knight of Wands Reversed

Reversed card means various obstacles and bad news. Such people usually bring strife and negativity, feel frustration and anxiety when something goes out of plan. Furthermore, the person currently experiences many quarrels and loses due to his selfishness and the lack of thoughtfulness in his deals.

Knight of Wands in Love

Upright: This is a male, who is passionate, emotional, temperamental and virile. The Knight may easily fall in love and decide concerning future relationships forgetting about the consequences. The card may also be a sign that something goes wrong in the current relations (connected with the female's behavior). Sometimes the meaning of this card can be the following: break-up, betrayal, separation of a couple due to a trip.

Reversed: The reversed card is about jealousy and various types of sexual contact without any serious intentions. This person may lose the loved one due to his complicated character. Sometimes it means that there is too much pressure in the relationships, which manifests itself through conflicts and scandals.

Knight of Wands in Career

Upright: This person is very creative, with a fountain of new ideas, active position, a strive for work. The most spread jobs for the Knight are entrepreneurship, antiques business or management etc. Sometimes it can symbolize some changes, for example a new job, occupation or a business trip.

Reversed: Such people work like a dog, which makes them suffer. Other meanings of the reversed card include: lack of energy, routine in work, constant stress and nerves, unsureness. You need to beware of narcissism and overestimation of your capabilities. Be objective. Return to your starting position and work through your plans again. Don't overdo it and waste your precious energy with endless ideas.

Knight of Wands in Finances

Upright: The card can mean a variety of good news, such as business proposals, interesting projects that will enable you to demonstrate your strong points and abilities. Besides, you are likely to come across new financial perspectives.

Reversed: In financial aspects, the reversed Knight of Wands tells about unpaid credits and debts, business turmoil. Sometimes it’s a description of a person who wants to be successful; for this he tries to build up some strategies or plans and can’t implement them in the end.

Knight of Wands yes/no

It symbolizes the struggle for your ideals and values. Your enthusiasm is extremely catching and other people will feel it too. They are filled with your energy and move towards the intended goal. This whole system and scheme work as long as you work smoothly, without too much haste. Excessive speed or urgency can destroy all the positive moments and increase the number of mistakes. It is a symbol of moving and traveling, absolute freedom, passion for adventure, adrenaline, and new experiences. Every matter will have a successful ending with no exceptions. So your answer is definitely yes. Just find ways to channel your inner strength and energy into the world.


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