The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

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As its name suggests, the Chariot card depicts a chariot that is drawn by two beings- one black one white. In some decks, the beings are sphinxes, in other versions, they are horses. The charioteer must balance and control both in order to steer the chariot. The card may also feature an individual who holds a crescent moon in one hand and has a crown on his lap and who is seated either in the chariot or under a blue canopy.

The Chariot is also linked to the zodiac sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon and connected with emotions and intuition.


Upright: Ambition, determination, focus, self-discipline, success

Reversed: Lacking in direction, powerless, obstacles

Upright Meaning

The Chariot upright is associated with victory and overcoming challenges through control. The key to success in this case is going to be strength and willpower to overcome the obstacles in your path. Fortunately, the overall message is positive- if you stay focused you will succeed and achieve your goals.  

Reversed Meaning

When seen in reverse, the Chariot brings your attention to your own aggression and lack of willpower. You’ll first need to overcome yourself before you can tackle the goals and obstacles in front of you.

Chariot in a Love Reading

Upright:  The Chariot in a love reading encourages you to step forward when it comes to your love life. Now is the time to take control with confidence, conviction, and courage. The card also reminds you to remain balanced when it comes to your love life and your work life. Are you focusing on work and neglecting your love life? Or are you so focused on a relationship that you’re sacrificing your own goals for your partner’s? The Chariot encourages you to take back control by finding the balance.     

Reversed: When seen in a love reading, the Chariot in reverse can signal that your love life is out of balance. On the other hand, this card may also represent an overzealous drive to find a partner, which can cause you a lot of stress.

Chariot in a Career Reading

Upright: Seeing the Chariot in a career reading means that your ambition towards your career goals is a good sign. So long as you as your goals are clear and you continue to take a disciplined approach, the Chariot tells you that you will achieve your goals.

Reversed: Seeing the Chariot reversed in a career reading points to a lack of focus or too much focus. Finding the balance between obsession and indifference is key to successfully navigating your work life at the moment.

Chariot in Finances

Upright: When seen in a reading about finances, the Chariot encourages you to tackle any hardships head-on. It may take discipline and focus, but you will be able to resolve any financial problems in front of you.

Reversed: When seen in reverse, the Chariot warns you to be smart with your money. Don’t be afraid to make a purchase or invest if you have all of the facts first.

The Chariot  yes/no

Some kind of higher force makes one look for new opportunities, overcoming any challenge that may lead to a total lack of remarkable accomplishment. Charging a person with energy and a sense of freshness, the sign suggests using it for your benefit. Don't resist this energy flow, and perceive the card as a yes-answer to all your ambitions. Remember that the Chariot has great speed, and sharp turns on any path are possible. So, surrendering to the sensations of the new, you should not turn off your brains and should ruminate on the consequences. Everything must be balanced: your reasoning capacity must coexist harmoniously with emotions.

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