King of Swords Card Meaning

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King of Swords: it's time to discover the truth 

King of Swords: upright meaning

Well-developed mind and cognitive abilities, enhanced mental power, and brain agility allow an individual to be full of fresh and original ideas and create workable plans. King of Swords Tarot card is about the originality of thoughts and one's ability to think creatively and independently, without any limitations and barriers. This type of reasonable and out of box thinking is perfect for dealing with solving complex mathematical or physical problems or philosophical reasoning with many unknowns and variables. But if the mind dominates over the immaterial and emotional part of a human being, skepticism, frigidity, and cruelty may appear. Compassion, fair judgment, and healthy criticism disappear completely. It helps to overcome obstacles, however, obviously, may have some negative effects down the road.

King of Swords: reversed meaning

A person is ready to protect principles and a fundamental truth, which seem to be correct and useful no matter what. An inverted Kind of Swords is connected with pressure, manipulations, intrigue, deceit, and intimidation. It is often associated with inequity and injustice (someone has been hurt or abused). A person becomes conflicted and cruel, opposing the whole world. The time for active action has not yet come, there is no specific task. In an inverted position, a person becomes too alert and fearful.

King of Swords: love reading

Upright: rationalism is imperative for you. You may endow a partner with non-existent qualities. This is why rational analysis removes all deception, so you can clearly see whether there is a prospect for development. If your partner cheating on you, Kind of Swords promises that you will definitely find out about it, especially if being cool-headed.

King of Swords reversed love: lack of seriousness and frivolity of intentions may prevent from building a strong connection with your partner.

When asking about King of Swords career

Upright: the flexibility of mind, talent to find solutions to difficult situations and communication and negotiation skills are the strengths that allow you to move towards reaching your goals. A King of Swords Tarot card is about professional attitude and solution-oriented approach, a certain well-established tactic of doing business. 

King of Swords reversed career: abuse of one's authority, psychological pressure, manipulation, using the position for personal gain: such people go to their goals, no matter what, it doesn’t matter to them which price will be paid for success. 

When asking about King of Swords finances

Upright: all funds you have been gained due to sharpness of mind, acuity, and mental agility. Kind of Swords may be a sign of a stable and reliable source of income that does not require control.

King of Swords reversed finances: poor choices and unwise decision-making will lead to huge losses, so your well-being and stability may be damaged and will require restoration. 

When asking about King of Swords as feelings

Upright: you are used to being guided by common sense in everything, not being led by emotions and not allowing your feeling to prevail. 

King of Swords reversed feelings: you have become the object of deceit, betrayal, or part of someone's insidious plan. There are hypocrisy, flattery, and desire for revenge near you.

When asking about King of Swords future

Upright: use your quick-wittedness, charm, and keenness, as Kind of Swords is about overcoming all the challenges if using the power of your brain. Try to evaluate and distribute your forces and energy adequately to avoid new mistakes. In the near future, weekdays will be filled with joyful emotions and interesting events.

King of Swords reversed future: it is about the need to ease one's pressure on other people, to limit one's power, so analyze your behavior and try to fix manipulative approaches.

King of Swords  yes/no

This is about a superbly pumped-up and creative mind, engaged in all kinds of plans and spectacular, atypical ideas. This is self-irony, open-mindedness, and originality of thought. This form of mind is ideal for determining physical laws, solving complex mathematical problems, or philosophical reasoning with many unknowns. But where the mind dominates the soul, cynicism, coldness, and cruelty appear. There is a lack of critical thinking, and it may lead to some poor consequences in any life area. You make mistakes, however, instead, you get valuable life experience. Finding a balance between emotions and a cold mind is a tough objective but definitely attainable. Taking into account such a feature of this sign, the answer will still not be yes or no. It is unclear, and you must launch your intuition to understand more.

FAQ King of Swords Tarot card meaning

  • What does King of Swords mean in reading Rider-Waite?

    Indicating a high level of intelligence, objectivity, versatility, flexible and rational approach to life, the card is favorable in many aspects, so grab your opportunities for growth and development.

  • What is shown on this card?

    In the central part of the illustration, a man sits on the throne, he is stern and formidable. There is a crown on his head, in his right hand he holds a sword: this is a symbol of justice and the desire to uncover the truth. The overall picture creates an impression of confidence and calmness.

  • What is this card by number?

    The card takes 14th place in the Minor Arcana of the Swords Suit.

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