Eight of Pentacles Card Meaning

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Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles shows competence, skill, dexterity, dedication, diligence, productivity and meticulousness. It urges you to stop procrastinating and start working now. Mastery lies in multiplying your talents. Work clearly and create your nature, your own logic and self-understanding. Each material task that you perform and overcome is a mirror in which your deeds are reflected. Process and cleanse your giftedness and limitations.


Upright: a stable life period, material well-being, calmness, loyalty to principles, patriotism, devotion to family and home.

Reversed: delays, problems, unemployment, fatigue, faziness, false, duplicity.

Eight of Pentacles Upright

Deep satisfaction and excellent use of their talents and abilities. The Eight also considers the chance to discover new talents in oneself. These always people have increased skill, sufficient strength and tenacity. Now such people have a stable life period, material well-being, loyalty to principles, they are devoted to family and home. It’s beneficial following the path of spiritual development.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed

Currently you are going through a hard financial situation and may not see a way-out. These people have a desire to profit from the misfortunes of others, so-called wearing different masks. The person constantly does monotonous homework. The required skill is lacking to achieve the desired success. Due to disbelieving in one's own strength, you deny yourself all the pleasures of life and turn a blind eye to the financial point. 

Eight of Pentacles in Love

Upright: For the sphere of personal relationships, this Arkan symbolizes caring for a partner, realistic desires and aspirations, careful attitude to a partner. Eight of Coins in this regard is a natural course of events - acquaintance, meeting, marriage... Moreover, none of the partners demands something supernatural. However, if a person is lonely, then this card foreshadows them finally finding a soulmate, in spite of having a bad romantic experience. 

Reversed: The Eight of Pentacles means that your relationship may go through a bad period, due to different characters and features of the partners, including laziness, unwillingness to work on the relations, analyze the mistakes and make the first step. There is a risk of being betrayed by your partner, so you may expect lies, hypocrisy and duplicity from him (her).

Eight of Pentacles in Career

Upright: Anyone who has an Eight in a career or business is almost certainly an excellent tactician and even a strategist. The Eight of Coins represents a tactful boss and a diligent, patient subordinate. However, such people don’t have excessive ambitions, which, in fact, make a person strive for career heights and millions of profits. It’s worth paying more attention to your weak points and mastering your skills.

Reversed: The card indicates the impossibility to implement the plan  at the moment. Of course, here we are not talking about some fatal failures and insoluble problems; in this case they are quite surmountable. The reason for these failures is a lack of knowledge or experience and laziness, carelessness, negligence. You should think about the causes of your falls and find the key to the problem.

Eight of Pentacles in Finances

Upright: They are good at making money. You can easily find a well-paid job thanks to your self-confidence, fast thinking and self-respect. Besides, this person has a creative approach to business and the ability to use other people's finances. You are characterized by accuracy and leisurely conduct of business, the ability to calmly argue your position in a conversation, without fussing or trying to suppress the interlocutor with a stream of facts or assertiveness.

Reversed: Now you experience difficulties making a fortune because of a strive for "easy" money. There is no wish to waste time and energy on acquiring a new specialty or skills. You may also be envious of people's wealth and wins. 

Eight of Pentacles yes/no

The sign combines the passion of a person to work and one's capabilities. It also suggests that one can be proud of own accomplishments and start planning the next project which will be much more global. The answer you gain with this symbol is yes. But do not forget that even if it is interpreted as a high probability of success in any undertaking, you must avoid personal enrichment and gains for your own benefit. Remember that any of your efforts will not go unrewarded, but it is not worth looking for rewards intentionally. Be patient! You will definitely reap the rewards you deserve.

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