Four of Swords Card Meanings

Four of Swords_photo

The Four of Swords shows a knight lying horizontally on a tomb. He remains in his full armor, and his hands are in the position of prayer as a sign of rest. One sword lies beneath the knight, symbolizing a single point of focus, and three swords hang above him, pointing downwards towards his head and torso. The stained-glass window above him shows a woman and child together.

Four of Swords yes/no

It symbolizes a temporary and sudden pause and the rest before an important battle. The mind was too loaded, and therefore even the simplest question or challenge becomes a tall order. There is no point in moving forward: it is a waste of time. Your energy is over and until you restore it, there can be no question of any progress. You just need to enjoy life and forget about problems for a while. That being said, the answer you're getting is most likely yes, as the general message is about a period of recovery and healing. And even if at the moment your life is in a dormant state and it seems that everything is being destroyed, then this is not so. All you need is to recharge to start again with full power.

Your destiny is being desided right now...