Queen of Cups Card Meaning

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The Queen of Cups appears as a serene woman on a throne with the ocean in the background. Like all cards in the cups suit, this queen is tied to water and emotions. In some depictions, she has a seashell at her feet and holds a cup.  


Upright: compassion, kindness, healing, support, intuition

Reversed: fragility, dependence, insecurity, martyrdom

The Queen of Cups Upright

When seen upright in a reading, the Queen of Cups represents someone who is caring, nurturing, and intuitive. She is often seen as a female figure in your life who acts as a guide during a touch time. However, the Queen of Cups may also represent your own qualities or a trusted inner voice.

The Queen of Cups Reversed

The Queen of Cups seen upside down or reversed can signal that you are out of sync with your emotions or that you feel restricted in your ability to express those emotions. If you’ve been experiencing high levels of stress, or just feeling like you’re emotions are out of control, take a moment to give yourself a break and get yourself sorted out instead of letting emotion get the best of you.

The Queen of Cups in a Love Reading

Upright: The Queen of Cups is wise, kind, and admired. These qualities may represent yourself and how you are in relationships. If so, remember to establish boundaries so that you do not wear yourself out and don’t attract clingy people. On the other hand, this queen may represent aspects of a future lover- especially if you’re looking for a relationship.

Reversed: When seen in a love reading, the Queen of Cups in reverse means that you may be putting more effort into your relationship than your partner. While caring for your partner is important, they’re a partner, not a child. On the other hand, the card may represent an emotionally turbulent state of affairs in your relationship.

The Queen of Cups in a Career Reading

Upright: In a career reading queen’s appearance might mean that you’re fulfilled emotionally by your job, but not financially. The card may also point to a colleague who has taken on a caring role either to yourself or others within your workplace. This person can help you in your career life. However, there is a possibility that you may actually be the person who has taken the role of guide in the workplace.  
Reversed: Seeing the Queen of Cups in reverse might mean that you are having emotional issues at work. There may be a tense situation, or you may be feeling emotionally drained. The queen encourages you to care for your emotional wellbeing.

The Queen of Cups in Finances

Upright: The appearance of the Queen of Cups in a reading about finances points to a need to use your resources to care for others during this time. There may be a family member or a friend who needs your help. On the other hand, the queen may also appear to remind you that money isn’t everything.
Reversed: Seeing this queen in reverse in a reading about finances encourages you to find a balance between your emotional health and your finances. Don’t stretch yourself, or your resources, too thin.