Nine of Wands Card Meaning

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Nine of Wands

The man depicted on the Nine of Wands is exhausted from the battles, he is tired, the battles lead him to panic. Nevertheless, he gained life experience and is ready to obediently defend everything that seems important to the person. He is persistent and unshakable, he has hidden inner energy reserves that help him to win. The questioner is affected by internal factors: narrow worldview, conservatism, fixation on one's own interests. The card calls to open up to all that exists, trust and expand horizons, develop your own philosophical view of the world and be independent. Your perception is the key to all pressing issues.


Upright: wisdom, success, ability to withstand difficult situations, self-control, responsibility, professionalism, gift of planning duties, difficulty in building relationships, financial prosperity.

Reversed: stagnation, hopelessness, refusal to take further action, frustration, unwillingness to save a family, self-doubt as a lover, financial problems due to carelessness.

Nine of Wands Upright

This person has courage and determination, wisdom in dealing with issues. Such people are good tacticians, they are able to protect their own interests as well as analyze and understand the situation. They can win any competition. Thanks to self-discipline, they can change and improve their weak sides. In spite of having stormy periods in life, you are likely to reach a successful completion of previously started enterprises. These people intensively work on their spiritual development. This card bodes well for success.

Nine of Wands Reversed

The reversed position means narrow thinking and the lack of experience to resolve issues. Due to  Inability to defend one’s interests, the person experiences various obstacles, delays and disappointment. Possible health problems. For this person it’s difficult to find a middle ground. An unfavorable combination of circumstances doesn’t allow the case to be brought to an end. Callousness towards yourself and others, reluctance to communicate with people.

Nine of Wands in Love

Upright: The main meaning of the Nine of Wands in relationships is a person's ability to resist pressure from a partner or the public. Sometimes possible situations of suspicion, foresight, internal unpreparedness for a relationship, when a person with all his might tries to resist the feelings overwhelming him, recalling the painful experience of the past.

Reversed: The opposite meaning of this card in love describes a situation when something that a person carefully guarded, someone took away. This happens when a partner suddenly leaves the family, although there was no crisis and open conflicts in the couple. Sometimes the blame for everything becomes hindsight, when a man, for example, relaxes, plunges into everyday routine, ceases to show signs of attention to a woman, in a fear to build up new relationships. thinking that now she will not get away from him. Another meaning of the card is a romantic rivalry without a win.

Nine of Wands in Career

Upright: The person has natural professional qualities that help achieve successful results in work and maintain what has already been earned. They include self-discipline, responsibility, the ability to correctly plan things and defend one’s interests. Professions of the card - firefighters, policemen, security guards, dispatchers, ambulance and emergency workers - in a word, those people who are usually on duty and are always in a state of "alert". 

Reversed: The reverse card, on the contrary, informs about the loss of professional skills, inability to rebuff competitors, troubles at work, emotional fatigue, which doesn’t allow people to perform their duties perfectly. 

Nine of Wands in Finances

Upright: Stable financial situation. Such people know what they do and how they should act in order to in order to succeed.

Reversed: On the financial plan, the card often shows a clash with creditors, attempts at extortion, monetary deprivation due to loss of vigilance, inattention. The card denotes a high probability of unsuccessful investments through your own fault.

Nine of Wands yes/no

Perhaps, you do not want to allow the development of a certain situation or don't have the strength to resist events. The most ridiculous aspect of such behavior is that you have taken a defensive position without the sign of a real threat. You understand the need for growth, but at the same time, you dissuade yourself from it. Moreover, you have recognized all changes as negative moments, and therefore you react as if they are a potential threat:
you have stuck into a dead end from which it is impossible to get out;
the only way to avoid defeat is to give up your fundamental values and let go of all biases;
there is a risk to become disappointed in your goal.
This symbol does not mean either an exact no or an exact yes. Your answer is maybe and you should analyze all variables to understand your next move.

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