Nine of Swords Card Meaning

Nine of Swords_photo

The Nine of Swords shows a woman sitting up in her bed with her head in her hands. She appears to have been jolted awake from a terrible nightmare that has left her disturbed, scared, and anxious. Nine swords hang on the dark wall behind her, representing the negative thoughts that weigh heavily on her mind. The base of the woman’s bed features a carving of one person defeating another, and roses and the outlines of astrological symbols adorn the quilt wrapped around her.

Nine of Swords yes/no

You are depressed and in low spirits. Dealing with emotional overstrain is not a straightforward task for you. You suffer from insomnia for a long time and cannot concentrate on solving the problem. The reason for this condition is a bad deed. You did it, and now it gnaws at you every second, you cannot control it. The second reason for anxiety is the fear of illness or the loss of a loved one.
The sign often indicates a complicated psychological state of a person, accompanied by negative thoughts. Sometimes, it is not about real threats. One is overly anxious about things and cannot fend off all attacks of fate. The answer is no. You must regain control over your feelings to be able to move on.

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