The Hermit Card Tarot Meaning

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The Hermit is typically represented by a man who is wearing a robe and holding a lantern. The Hermit is a man who has spent his life in the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and is now ready to pass this knowledge on to others. In some instances, the Hermit’s lantern is


Upright: Introspection, contemplation, search for self, solitude  

Reversed: Reclusiveness, rejection, return to society

Upright Meaning

The Hermit is a seeker of knowledge, as well as a teacher- which means that he encourages you to contemplate and reflect. The Hermit also encourages action- so long as the action aligns with your true self.

Reversed Meaning

When seen in reverse, the Hermit warns you not to stay away from society for too long. While introspection is important, it is also critical not to become lost in yourself and your own doubts and insecurities. The Hermit reminds you to balance introspection with interaction.

Hermit in a Love Reading

Upright: When seen in a love reading, the Hermit encourages you to know your self and to understand our own needs before becoming involved in a relationship with another person. If you’re already involved, this card indicates that you and your partner may need to do some soul searching together. While introspection is hard work, you may be able to.

Reversed: Seeing the Hermit reversed in a reading about romance may indicate a period of loneliness or isolation. This period may not be pleasant, and it may not be a choice on your part. However, this time is important for introspection and will lead to stronger future relationships.  
If you’re already in a relationship, you may feel distant from your partner. Paying attention to your relationship dynamic and being honest with yourself and your partner is key to finding your connection.

Hermit in a Career Reading:

Upright: Seeing the Hermit in a reading about your career might mean that you are searching for satisfaction in your job or career. Maybe you’re picking a career path or trying to figure out whether or not to stay in a job. The Hermit encourages you to choose something that aligns with your desires and interests- not just something for the money.

Reversed: In a career reading, the Hermit reversed may indicate the need to seek help from others such as co-workers or mentors. Even if you’re being forced to work alone, seeking help from others, even if its friends and loved ones, is important for your own sanity.

Hermit in a Finances Reading:

Upright: Seen upright in a reading about finances, the Hermit warns you that money may not be the key to happiness at the moment. In fact, the Hermit encourages you to put less stress on the material and to focus on fulfillment whether this is with your family or doing something you love- even if it’s as a hobby.

Reversed: The Hermit reversed in a reading about your finances might indicate the need to seek advice from an outside source. A good outside source may even help you create a better relationship with your own finances.

The Hermit  yes/no

Self-knowledge and renunciation of the standard beliefs of the outside world are the key meanings. This is a period that can be grueling to handle. It is about the willingness to know the inner world and cut off unnecessary ties/relationships. The time to isolate oneself from the trifles of everyday life and focus on inner-self has come. In other words, it suggests regaining self-awareness. 
This sign has a deep meaning and symbolizes that at this stage of life you need to remain honest with yourself. Often the card has an answer maybe, and only you, depending on the question, will be able to understand what it means, maybe after reflecting and ruminating about past events and their effect on the future.

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