Six of Cups Card Meaning

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The Six of Cups is depicted as six cups either in a field or indoors but with flowers. Depending on your deck, you may see two children or bunnies in the background, which are associated with innocence and happiness. Whatever the case, the image of the six cups is usually something happy and comforting. Like all cups, this card is connected to water and emotions.   


Upright Meaning: Nostalgia, memories, comfort, healing

Reversed Meaning: Leaving home, independence, being stuck in the past 

The Six of Cups Upright

The Six of Cups reminds us of the joys and comforts of our childhood. This card might mean that you wish to return to when you were younger- either as a child, teen, or even young adult. Sometimes, it’s ok to take some time and seek comfort and safety in nostalgia- especially after you’ve suffered a loss. 
This card may also represent reconnecting with your past. Maybe you’re going back to your childhood home or reconnecting with old friends.

The Six of Cups Reversed

When seen in reverse, the Six of Cups warns you not to cling to the past. While memories can be a source of comfort and joy, living in the past can be detrimental. Instead of dreaming of the past, try to use the lessons that you’ve learned to guide your future. 

The Six of Cups in a Love Reading

Upright:  The Six of Cups in a love reading suggests a revival of the past. This might mean that you’re thinking of a past relationship or have even had an ex recently come back into your life. This card is also associated with healing past wounds and looking back at the past as a source of comfort.
 If you’re in a relationship and have been having a tough time, a trip down memory lane might remind you and your partner why you fell in love in the first place.  However, remember that getting stuck in the past can be detrimental. 

Reversed: When seen in reverse the Six of Cups warns you against letting your past affect your present. You might be limiting your relationships because you’re holding on to a lost love or you might be too afraid to open up because you’ve been hurt in the past. The card encourages you to give something new a try.  

The Six of Cups in a Career Reading

Upright: Seeing the Six of Cups encourages you to look back on your career path and your initial goals and dreams. Your past may be important for learning lessons that will help you in the future. 
It is also helpful to look back if you’re doubting your current career path. Asking yourself why you chose that specific path and evaluating whether your goals and notions still hold today might give you the answers you seek. 
Reversed: Seeing the Six of Cups reversed in a career reading is associated with monotony in the workplace. Maybe you’re feeling bored or stuck in a position that you don’t necessarily like. On the other hand, the card also encourages you to be aware of bad patterns in your past to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the present. 

The Six of Cups in Finances

Upright: When seen in reading about finances, the Six of Cups is associated with sharing of resources. You may receive a gift from old friends or family members. On the other hand, you may be returning home to your parent’s home or welcoming family back into your home to share resources. 

Reversed: When seen in reverse, the Six of Cups tells you that you’re ready to set out on your own and that you’re mature enough financially to be more independent. If you’ve been living with others, but are considering moving out, now might be the time. 

Six of Cups yes/no

This symbol means help and support that will come to you at the most needed moment from a friend, mentor, or member of your family. This is a very auspicious card, bringing an enhanced feeling of kindness and peace of mind. Thus, the answer is more likely yes. And even if you experience a period when there is a desire to look into the distant past and indulge in memories, don't allow nostalgia to prevail, and don’t regret the past times. Feeling like it was better before is not a truthful one, so fight with it. Perceive it as a good chance to fix past mistakes.

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