The Sun Card Meaning

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The Sun tarot card personifies positivity and success. If you see this card in your reading, you will find others drawn in by these qualities in you. You will light up any room that you walk into, feeling joyful and empowered.


Upright: Happiness, fertility, success, optimism, truth

Reversed: Sadness, procrastination, pessimism, lies, failure

Upright Meaning

The Sun tarot card personifies happiness and fulfillment in all areas of one’s existence. On the face of this Major Arcana card, the Sun is shining down, offering warmth and happiness to all that feel it.

If you are experiencing any problems in life, the sun tarot card promises the resolution of those issues and sunny skies ahead. The Sun in tarot also signifies truth, so it is sure to shine down on any lies or deception in your life.

Reversed Meaning

The Sun tarot card in the upright position shows positivity and fulfillment in your life. If you have been going through a hard time and the Sun falls in an upright position, things will quickly improve. The Sun reminds us to look at the bright side of things and remind ourselves that hard times don’t last forever.

Sun in a Love Reading

Upright: In a love Tarot spread, if you are in a relationship, The Sun is an indication of great joy and happiness. It can be a sign of a period of fun, passion and positivity in your relationship. At the same time, The Sun in an upright position shines light onto everything in its path and this includes relationships, so it can also indicate that any hidden issues in your relationship will be highlighted. 

Reversed: In a love context, if you are in a relationship, The Sun reversed can indicate that you are feeling left out in the cold by your partner. Some of the spark or passion may have gone out of the relationship. It can be an indication of a broken engagement or cancelled wedding. It may indicate that you are finding it difficult to see a way forward for you and your partner. 

Sun in a Career Reading

Upright: You’re shining at work right now! You’re filled with enthusiasm and motivation and your peers are definitely noticing! Whether you are fulfilled at your workplace or currently looking for a new job, The Sun card represents success and the attainment of your goals and dreams. 

Reversed: If you’re not quite there yet, The Sun card in reverse advises you to stay positive. Maybe you’re still waiting to land that perfect job. Keep your enthusiasm up because it will make you magnetic in your interviews. On the other hand, if you’ve been confident in all of your meetings, maybe try bringing a bit more humility into your interactions and see if it has a positive impact.

Sun in Finances

Upright: Your financial outlook is sunny and abundant! You are experiencing a period of reward and stability – everything is going your way. The sun also illuminates all things, so you are able to take comfort in the fact that secrets aren’t lurking behind the scenes.

Reversed: The Sun card in reverse can indicate that you’re being overly negative and that your hardship will be over soon, so don’t lose faith! On the other hand, you might be being overly optimistic without doing your due diligence. If you’re about to take a big risk, be sure to do more research.

The Sun yes/no

Feeling emotionally drained and struggling with the dark times in your life, the Sun is here to finally light up your path and perk you up, adding enthusiasm. Symbolizing success in all your plans and the constant support of Destiny, you will facilely gain your goals. So the answer is a firm yes. The Sun means that a person has reached a higher state of self-awareness. In other words, a person is endowed with spiritual wealth and wisdom. The symbol is about such qualities as self-confidence, striving for the inner-knowledge, rejection of selfishness, and awareness of one's significance. At the same time, self-denial has nothing to do with trying to hide from problems. Even in the upside-down position, the interpretation of the card remains the same. And if usually, reversal means the opposite answer, then for the Sun, it still will be positive.

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