Page of Wands Card Meaning

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Page of Wands

This Page of Wands enters new ventures, boldly embodies intentions and implements earlier decisions. This person is endowed with zeal, enthusiasm and faith in the chosen work. In this card, people philosophically look at their existence and have good intentions. Now for the Page it's time to get to know the world. The present is the period of personal growth, the development of creative ideas and self-affirmation. The Page of Wands is usually a young one who discovers the world. This card can indicate the receipt of a message or represent someone who is inspiring or encouraging.


Upright: loyalty, dedication, sincerity, the desire to tell only the truth, good news, new feelings, spontaneous desire to love, powerful potential, lots of opportunities.

Reversed: licentiousness, unreliability, cruelty, sloth, love of loneliness, difficulties, lack of experience, unhappy relations.

Page of Wands Upright

This card often indicates the talents of the questioner that have not yet manifested themselves. This person can wait for good news and pleasant events. These people are always passionate for something or someone, have an active social position, love freedom. You are likely to get some interesting offers, for example traveling abroad, meeting with foreigners. This card symbolizes a loyal friend, benevolent stranger with friendly intentions.

Page of Wands Reversed

In a reversed position the card means the lack of stamina and tenacity, laziness. These people can be indifferent and unpredictable. Due to their eternal hesitation and willingness to take responsibility for their actions, the pages experience difficulties finding their place in the world and feel indecision in achieving the goal.  The card can mean getting bad news. This is a person who brings you misfortune as long as the Page depicts an unfaithful friend, waster and unfriendly person.

Page of Wands in Love

Upright: There will be two options: the first is an interpretation in the aspect of a person's personality, if the Arkan falls out as a card of one of the partners, and the second is in the general aspect of love relationships. In the first case, the Page of Wands will mean a young man in love, inexperienced, but willing to merge into one with the object of his feelings. In the second, the meaning of this card in love will be quivering tenderness, a spontaneous desire to give free rein to instincts (including sexual ones), flirting, a "spark" that has run between people.

Reversed: Reversed Page means indecision, unwillingness to accept the rules according to which relationships between adults are formed, children's actions, stupid behavior, childishness. Moreover, this card means unhappy relationships, where both partners are  unsatisfied, possible betrayal. 

Page of Wands in Career

Upright: This person has a creative approach to business, a sincere desire and willingness to learn something new, enthusiasm, a fresh look at the situation, as well as the beginning of a career. You have a huge potential, however, sometimes, it’s not enough to play the first fiddle. 

Reversed: The reverse card speaks of a person's lack of experience, although at the same time it doesn’t exclude ambition at all. This is an example of a young man who comes to a reputable office after graduation and declares that he wants to create graphics for computer games without special education, just because he studied the gaming market for five years and drew characters from the WarCraft universe on paper.

Page of Wands in Finances

Upright:  In terms of finance, the card says that there are chances for success, but there is still not enough potential, because you are at the very beginning of the path. You may meet some authoritative people who will help you fulfill your ideas.

Reversed: Bad news in material issues. The person has no clue how to start the business due to the lack of knowledge and practice. You need to gain the skills of planning your actions in order to succeed. 

Page of Wands yes/no

It is about the chance that will last for only a limited period of time and does not apply to habitual life, so don't miss it. Some extraordinary events will happen soon, maybe you will become a guest at a competition or take part in a quiz. This is your opportunity to break out of the dull and boring reality and show your best hidden qualities. Competition cannot have a serious impact on life, and won’t bring some significant transformations. But a whole range of positive emotions is guaranteed.  The key meanings are:
interesting small changes;
unusual task.
This symbol is also about new discoveries that can make a difference in your life. The answer you are looking for is yes.

Your destiny is being desided right now...