Page of Swords Card Meanings

Page of Swords_photo

The Page of Swords shows a young man

standing with his sword pointing upwards to the sky. His body and the sword lean in one direction, but he looks the other way as if to see what else is happening around him. A breeze blows through the young man’s hair, and the clouds behind him appear to dash through the sky, bringing dynamic energy to the card. The ground on which the Page stands is green and fertile, suggesting that Page’s ideas are likely to bring positive change and forward movement.

Page of Swords yes/no 

Being bogged down in seemingly unsolved issues and a vast range of troubles, this card suggests its efficient overcoming. The complicated situation will be clarified and you continue your path without looking back. The only drawback of this sign is that the path to clarification lies through a dispute, contention, or even a fight. The smart behavior, in this case, is to prepare for the coming scandal. Despite the high possibility of conflicts, the answer is probably more positive with this symbol, as it also gives one a good chance to grow through such disputes, gaining more wisdom and experience.

Your destiny is being desided right now...