The Hanged Man Card Meaning

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The Hanged Man is typically suspended upside down by one foot from a pole or tree. The tree represents as a single connection point between the underworld and the heavens. Despite his seemingly perilous predicament, the man seems calm and content. The man is traditionally drawn wearing red pants and a blue shirt, to symbolize the balance between the physical and emotional realms.


Upright: Waiting, sacrifice, contemplation, perspectives

Reversed: Disinterest, stagnation, stalling

Upright Meaning

The Hanged Man sees the world differently and realizes his predicament. The card may indicate a period of indecision or contemplation, but also the potential to move forwards towards promising prospects. This card also indicates that sacrifice may be required in order to achieve your long-term goals. Like the Hanged Man, you may want to observe the situation from a different perspective before making a decision.    

Reversed Meaning

When seen in reverse, the Hanged Man indicates a time when you may feel like you’re making a sacrifice without seeing anything in return. The card also represents stagnation- the feeling that things are stuck when resolution or movement is needed.

Hanged Man in a Love Reading

Upright: The Hanged Man in a love reading associated with waiting, sacrifice, and new prospects. If you’re single, this card indicates that you should take your time when choosing a partner instead of rushing into a romantic relationship.
If you’re in a relationship, you may feel like you’re struggling with timing and may not be on the same pate as your partner. On the other hand, the card may also mean that sacrifice is important as an aspect of a present or future relationship.

Reversed: When you see the Hanged Man in reverse in a love reading, it might mean that the waiting period is coming to an end. If you feel like your love life has been put on hold- either due to your choices or circumstances, take some time for introspection. Are you holding on to old beliefs that are no longer serving you?
The Hanged Man may also appear in reverse to warn you about making too many sacrifices for love. After all, relationships about balance, not martyrdom.

Hanged Man in a Career Reading

Upright: Seeing the Hanged Man in a career reading may be a sign that you’re in a period of waiting or uncertainty. You may be taking a forced break because your projects have been paused or are simply stuck without forward movement in your work life.
Sometimes, taking the time to wait for your goals can be rewarding. Unfortunately, some things can’t be rushed no matter how much you want and need an answer. Instead of stressing, take this time to relax.  
Reversed: Seeing the Hanged Man reversed in a career reading means that your work life might be unfulfilling at this time. Maybe you feel like you’re not developing the skills you had hoped to develop. On the other hand, you may simply be feeling underappreciated.

Hanged Man in Finances

Upright: When seen in a reading about finances, the Hanged Man is a sign that your perspective needs to change. If you’re stressing about money, take another look at your finances and try to find potential opportunities.


Reversed: When seen in reverse, the Hanged Man tells you a few things. If you’re contemplating a major financial decision, the Hanged Man tells you not to wait too long. While it’s important to carefully consider any financial decision, too much stalling might mean that you never take the next step. On the other hand, the Hanged Man might also represent investments that aren’t seeing any returns. If you’re looking to invest in a side business, this is not the time.