Four of Wands Card Meaning

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Powerful and Influential Four of Wands Tarot: Reveal Deeper Meanings

Four of Wands: Upright Meaning

The well-deserved rest and relaxation after a period of hard and exhausting work is the main interpretation of the Four of Wands Tarot card. Be proud of your achievements and be satisfied with your life. Experiencing a sense of job satisfaction and confidence, you have to take a break and have a pause to regain strength for further accomplishments. You have a good reason for triumph and celebration, and you are completely contented with the results attained. The Four of Wands Tarot card is a symbol of a pleasant period in life and new opportunities. You have tuned in a harmonious connection with the Universe, therefore you are filled with optimism.

An atmosphere of peace and self harmony reigns around you, allowing you to get rid of the burden of stress and tension. You have smoothly completed the task, and while there is still a lot of hard work ahead of you, you feel confident about your future success. 

Four of Wands: Reversed Meaning

If the card has an upside-down position, then the person has temporary difficulties that can become an obstacle for feeling joyfulness. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to put off worries and hassles. Be careful and pay extra attention to the upside-down Four of Wands Tarot card, as it may be a warning about the following negative aspects:

  • instability;

  • financial troubles;

  • confusion of thoughts, inability to think clearly and concentrate;

  • helplessness in difficult situations;

  • unfinished work;

  • inability to make a decision and doubtfulness;

  • unfulfilled and unrealistic expectations about love;

  • uncertainty;

  • dissatisfaction with life;

  • family disagreements.

At the same time, Four of Wands Tarot card meaning can be understood as the accumulated energy, which indicates high results in the future. However, still, laziness and doubt can prevent your development and growth.

Four of Wands in a Love Reading

Upright: trust is the core. You and your partner hold common interests. Having the Four of Wands Tarot card inverted also means that partners are willingly engaged in joint activities.

Reversed: probably, there are some serious difficulties. Different opinions and visions are criticized rather than enjoyed. Moreover, the upside-down Four of Wands Tarot card indicates that you prefer to hide the true intentions and try to make important decisions behind the back, so the card suggests being more open and sharing your vision.

Four of Wands When Asking About Careers

Upright: a reader has grabbed all opportunities for progress and reached goals, so now there is time for reducing tension or anxiety and taking time for yourself. The Four of Wands Tarot card is about balance and a great situation at the workplace.

Reversed: it is an alarming warning, as there is no time for relaxation, the current project still needs your efforts, it is not finished. Also, the card can be interpreted as unwillingness to use your energy, lack of motivation and confidence.

Four of Wands When Asking About Finances

Upright: you may expect some financial gain that delivers you pleasure and enjoyment in the nearest future. And even if the period is favorable and prosperous, money is not your main motive.

Reversed: stop focusing on unnecessary aspects and try to start appreciating the real things. When planning your budget and expenses, there is a risk of failure and a lack of smart financial management.

Four of Wands yes/no

You are free from any obligations and requirements that do not suit you. Whether it's a personal life, career, emotional strain, anxiety, or constant self-doubt, you can let it all go, discover new opportunities for yourself, and weaken limits that you have imposed on yourself. This is a period of transition to another level of personality growth when a person shields away from the past without regret. So your answer is yes. At the same time, the experiences and knowledge gained in the past can no longer help you. It's time to get educated and get up-to-date knowledge. Also, stop reflecting deeply and look for reasons for sadness. Give you a moment to celebrate the attained successes, after which the path must be continued.

FAQ Four of Wands card meaning

  • What does Four of Wands mean in reading Rider-Waite?

    Relieve your tension and emotional strain and just take pleasure in life, as a long-awaited period of peacefulness has come.

  • What is shown on this card?

    There are 4 wands that are beautifully decorated. In the distance, there is a fortress. Also, two people who are waving with bouquets of flowers are illustrated.

  • What is this card by number?

    This significant and influential card takes the 4th position.

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