Meaning of The Tower Tarot Card

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The Tower is most often depicted as a tall tower that is being set ablaze by a lightning strike. In some depictions, people may be jumping off the tower in an attempt to escape the destruction and survive.

The Tower is not the most desirable card to receive in a reading because it points to a period of destruction and upheaval. However, the Tower represents the destruction of an old order in order to make space for something new.


Upright: chaos, sudden change, destruction

Reversed: resistance to change, delaying the inevitable, averting disaster

UprightĀ Meaning

The Tower is a warning of major changes. While the imagery of the Tower is intimidating, the card isnā€™t a prediction of doom. Instead, itā€™s a warning to brace yourself for the upcoming chaos.

Most people arenā€™t happy to see the Tower in their spread. However, it is important to remember that the upheaval caused by the Tower is often necessary for something better. Whatever the case, donā€™t despair when you see the Tower in a spread. Instead, try to be prepared for whatā€™s to come.

ReversedĀ Meaning

In general, the reversed Tower meaning is focused on putting off or avoiding a crisis. This card tells you that the problem will come to pass eventually and that whatever chaos is looming on the horizon is necessary. Instead of despairing, try to take this time to become more self-reliant.

Tower in a Love Reading

Upright: The Tower in a love reading is a sign of fundamental change. A relationship that has weak foundations may be due to collapse. However, ultimately, the change is necessary. The relationship, either romantic or platonic, may not be serving you in the long run. On the other hand, change and upheaval may help create a ā€˜clean slateā€™ to help pave the way for something better.

Reversed: Seeing the Tower reversed in a love reading helps ensure that you need to face whatever problems are looming on the horizon for your relationship. Facing the problems now may help ensure that you donā€™t have bigger problems later.

Tower in a Career Reading

Upright: In a career reading, the Tower can signify unexpected changes such as job loss or an unexpected increase in responsibility. The change may be out of your control. However, it is important to remember that the circumstances are temporary and that the change will help make room for future positive changes. Ā Ā 

Reversed: In a career reading, the Tower gives you hope for a brighter future despite any threats or obstacles that you may currently be facing. Ā While this may come as a relief, you also want to ensure that avoiding the problem isnā€™t stopping you from fulfilling your actual goals.

Tower in Finances

Upright: In a reading about finances, the Tower warns that you may face some financial upheaval in the near future, which is why you should be saving money or developing a support system. At worst, the Tower points to the risk of major losses- which is why you need to be both prepared and vigilant. Ā 

Reversed: The Tower in reverse in a question about finances might mean that you have managed to avoid a perilous financial situation. However, the danger may not be over quite yet, which is why you should continue to be vigilant.

The Tower yes/no

The Tower symbol indicates that a person has experienced some kind of sudden upsetting and grueling events, the collapse of illusions. It can be the dissolution of a marriage, job loss, or even plummeting moral principles. If it hasn't happened yet, it probably will soon. So it is some kind of a warning. Thus, the key message is that propelling forward to gain goals is impossible without breaking the limits. If the collapse has already happened, then the card can be interpreted as the construction of something new on the ruins of the past. Since in most cases renewal stems from some catastrophes in life, then the answer provided by this card to any of your yes-no questions is no.

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