Queen of Swords Card Meaning

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Upright: farness, principles, independence, honesty, someone who is preceptive and fair

Reverse: pessimism, malice, someone who is manipulative, bitter, or harsh

The Queen of Swords is often depicted as a regal woman who sits on a high throne or even a throne in the clouds. The suit of swords is associated with the air element so you may also see birds or clouds in the image. If depicted with a sword, the Queen of Swords will have her sword pointing at the sky and will often have the other hand extended as though she’s offering something.  

Queen of Swords Upright

The Queen of Swords might represent an older, wiser female, or someone who values intellect over emotions. The Queen of Swords encourages us to examine the facts before making decisions. While she may seem stern, she is actually trying to reach out and help by encouraging rational thought.

The Queen of Swords in a reading may also signal the need for better communication- one that is clear and based on facts. It’s time to put the truth, and the facts over hurt feelings and sugarcoating.

Queen of Swords Reversed

The Queen of Swords reversed cautions you to not get emotionally involved in a situation and instead to think logically. When reversed, the card may also represent someone who is cold, bitter, or isolated. If you’re taking time away from your friends and family, you may need to be clearer about your reasoning and intentions.

Queen of Swords in Love

Upright: The Queen of Swords may represent someone who is very discerning about her partner and her friends. She is someone who is smart and can even be intimidating at first glance but who is also loving and loyal to those who get to know her. If not representing a person, the Queen of Swords may be there to encourage you to seek independence and self-sufficiency within your relationship or to create boundaries.

Reversed: A reversed Queen of Swords can represent a person who is manipulative and bitter- either yourself, your partner, or even a third party that’s attempting to intervene in a relationship. If you’re single, you may have gone through a breakup that has left you feeling vengeful. You need to work through those feelings in order to be fulfilled in future relationships.

Queen of Swords in Career

Upright: In a reading about careers the Queen of Sword can either represent yourself or a potential mentor who will be a good source of constructive criticism. If this card represents a mentor, this is someone who is definitely going to help you in the future. If the card represents yourself, you are probably an effective communicator and already have a lot of respect in your chosen field.

Reversed: The Queen of Swords reversed indicates someone who is overly critical or someone who has a grudge against you. However, the Queen may also show up to point out shortfalls in your own communication style.

Queen of Swords in Finances

Upright: The Queen of Swords is practical and wise, which means that you’ll need to apply both logic and empathy to a financial situation. Make sure that you’re being logical and detail-oriented about your finances.

Reversed: If you haven’t been responsible with your finances, or if you’ve communicated poorly in the past, you may be feeling the effects now. Did you overspend? Did you lend to someone who has not paid you back? This card reminds you to be better about your own financial boundaries and limits in the future.

Queen of Swords yes/no

It symbolizes clarity of mind, developed imagination, the logic of actions, and the ability to adapt and change tactics. And while others are counting on an inner voice or gifts of fate, you are following the plan, relying on your reasoning. It allows you to extract the right conclusion, learn life lessons, and use the experience to succeed. But the queen has negative sides too. For example, sincerity and sociability or mental alertness, sharpness, and keenness of thought are often accompanied by repressed emotions that a person does not want to bring to public discussion. Such a symbol cannot give a clear answer, since it is neither negative nor positive.

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