Your first tarot deck…what you need to know

Your first tarot deck…what you need to know

I'm a seasoned enthusiast, in case you're new around here. This implies that I go between hobbies more quickly than someone browsing an IKEA catalog. I notice it and want to understand it. Even though I'm not very good at them, learning new things is enjoyable and keeps life interesting prior to and during the pandemic.

People have used tarot cards to enjoy card games, including Italian tarocchini, French tarot, and Austrian Königrufen since the 15th century. In the eighteenth century, it developed into a divination device; over time, tarot grew to be inextricably linked with occult practices.

You can learn how to ask a question of the cards and comprehend the answers that appear in front of you from the many guidelines available on the internet and in tarot decks. There is no absolute guideline for interpretation; many websites advise you to take the information you require and discard the rest as you review the questions for your deck. Who knows, it might even be communications from the universe.

Here's a short session in three simple stages if you're like me and want to learn more about the realm of tarot but are skeptical about anything.

Your first move….

It is the simplest task on the checklist, and the only challenge you'll face is choosing just one layout due to the numerous lovely ones available. The best course of action is to purchase a conventional one with Rider-Waite-Smith in the description. The most recognizable images for each card are shown on these cards.

Then, you might consider purchasing elegant, trendy ones. It was not a formal learning experience for me to understand the random visual content rather than the original graphic, so I did exactly the opposite, and now I regret it. But ultimately, it comes down to your attitude toward the deck.

While it is simple to buy inexpensive tarot cards online, it should be noted that almost all of them are produced on flimsy art cards rather than the superior 300gsm paper stock. Although it doesn't matter (hehe) how well you learn, I prefer cards that are pleasant to hold in my hands. Remember, this is a matter of taste.

Learn to cleanse your deck

You should probably purge your deck of any lousy energy it may have picked up on the road once you've gotten to know it. See, decks are susceptible to any remaining energy and are like energetic sponges. Cleaning gives you a fresh start so that your energy permeates the deck, and it's the greatest way to start building a relationship with it. Any smoky incense would suffice for this, but palo santo is my particular favorite. You need to ignite your incense and make three anticlockwise circles of your deck with the smoke. A selenite quartz crystal can be utilized if you are sensitive to smoke. Put this crystal at the top of your cards and fire a tea light next to it. Once the candle is completely out, all the bad energy is absorbed, and you can continue to charge your deck.

Time to become familiar with your deck. Ask the deck for any inquiries you could have when attempting to learn more about someone. Choose a card from the stack and begin translating after preparing your questions in advance and asking them out loud or in your head.

Below are questions that would help you start off.

Describe yourself to me and make me understand your most admirable quality. 

  • How does it feel to be here?
  • What are the advantages of your deck?
  • What are the deck's limitations?
  • What exactly are you trying to educate me?
  • How can we work together to learn and grow?

The cards should get a thorough shuffle (either vertically or evenly across the table), and you're ready to play!

Tarot card divination has actually encouraged me to choose my words and actions slightly more carefully. I'm still unsure of whether that tiny voice or prod to act originates within me, from the universe, or if it's just a symptom of a psychotic break.

It's still a harmless and enjoyable journey into a new activity.

Your destiny is being desided right now...