Knight of Wands Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards Card Meaning

Knight of Wands_photo

Knight of Wands

This card symbolizes a successful person, who has reached certain heights in life and career. His outstanding qualities are energy and enthusiasm. For him it is very important to apply them, realize his potential and desires. He is always aware of all matters, always in the center of the events. His job is to solve problems.

The Knight of Wands acts according to his own desires, he is driven by energy and initiative. They are people stimulated by their own ideas and entrepreneurship, and before doing anything, they will first weigh everything thoroughly, find helpers and the necessary materials, and only then act. The Knight has a true love for freedom and tends to take decisions on his own. His character traits include creativity, kindness, adventurousness, honesty. This card may hint that it’s necessary to act on your own while making a decision.


Upright: freedom-lover, prudence, smart mind, independence, confidency, impulsive, determined, too fast in relationships, new opportunities.

Reversed: selfishness, irascibility, problems, quarrels, turmoil, lack of efforts, fleeting connections, inability to build a couple.

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