Four of Pentacles Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards Card Meaning

Four of Pentacles_photo

Four of Pentacles

The person depicted on the Four of Pentacles is interested only in material well-being. This is a decree on financial security, on maintaining prosperity. Thanks to gaining knowledge and particular skills, these people are satisfied with their lives both financially and morally. The card represents your crowning abilities and talents that you can be proud of.

This card means a safe and comfortable home life, you can enjoy a pleasant time in your own apartment. Try to pass on the key to your personal world to others and expand the boundaries you are in. The card indicates that the person is protected and has solid ground under his feet.


Upright: owning and maintaining your property, wealth, the power of stability, home, greed, financial addiction, boring life, talented, hard-working, family routine.

Reversed: financial difficulties, restrictions, stagnation, gambling, extravagance, health problems, inexperience in money, pettiness, carelessness, quarrels.

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