Nine of Wands Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards Card Meaning

Nine of Wands_photo

Nine of Wands

The man depicted on the Nine of Wands is exhausted from the battles, he is tired, the battles lead him to panic. Nevertheless, he gained life experience and is ready to obediently defend everything that seems important to the person. He is persistent and unshakable, he has hidden inner energy reserves that help him to win. The questioner is affected by internal factors: narrow worldview, conservatism, fixation on one's own interests. The card calls to open up to all that exists, trust and expand horizons, develop your own philosophical view of the world and be independent. Your perception is the key to all pressing issues.


Upright: wisdom, success, ability to withstand difficult situations, self-control, responsibility, professionalism, gift of planning duties, difficulty in building relationships, financial prosperity.

Reversed: stagnation, hopelessness, refusal to take further action, frustration, unwillingness to save a family, self-doubt as a lover, financial problems due to carelessness.

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