Eight of Swords Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards Card Meaning

Eight of Swords_photo

In Tarot readings, the Eight of Swords is a card that is often associated with feelings of being trapped or restricted in some way. It can indicate a situation in which a person feels that they have limited options or that they are unable to move forward due to some external or internal constraint.

The image on the card typically shows a woman blindfolded and bound, standing in the middle of a group of swords stuck into the ground. This can represent a feeling of being blind to the truth, or of being unable to see the way out of a difficult situation. The swords surrounding her can represent the many obstacles and limitations that are preventing her from moving forward.

However, the card can also indicate that the person can break free from their constraints and that a solution is within reach, but they are not able to see it because they are too focused on their current predicament.

When this card appears in a reading, it may be a sign that the person needs to take a step back and try to gain a different perspective on their situation. It may be helpful to seek the advice of a trusted friend or mentor or to consider seeking professional help to work through any emotional or psychological blocks that may be preventing them from moving forward.

It's worth noting that the tarot card interpretation often depends on the question asked and the surrounding cards and their position.

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