Page of Pentacles Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards Card Meaning

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Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is a tarot card that is associated with hard work, determination, and practicality. It often represents a young person who is focused on achieving their goals through consistent effort and dedication. This card is linked with a strong work ethic, studying and education and with material stability.

In a reading, the Page of Pentacles can represent a young person in the querent's life who is hardworking and practical, or it may represent the querent's own qualities in those areas. This card can indicate that the querent or someone they know, is starting a new job, business venture or project. It can be a sign that they are beginning to take steps towards their goals, and that they are willing to put in the hard work and effort to achieve them.

The Page of Pentacles can also indicate a need to focus on practical matters and to take care of responsibilities. It may suggest that the querent is becoming more focused on their material well-being, or that they are becoming more responsible and dependable.

Additionally, this card can indicate the querent's desire for learning and education and desire for growth, both academically and in practical areas of life.

However, depending on the context and surrounding cards, the Page of Pentacles can also represent negative aspects, such as being too focused on material gain, lack of flexibility, being too rigid and inflexible in the pursuit of goals, lack of imagination.

As always, it's important to consider the card within the context of the entire reading and the question asked to gain the most accurate interpretation.



Upright: searching for a new direction, learning, being a leader, supporting, and help.

Reversed: unwillingness for studying, domination, business difficulties, vain.

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