Justice Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards Card Meaning


The Justice card is a tarot card that typically represents fairness, balance, and decision-making. It often appears when a person is facing an important decision or when they are seeking balance and fairness in a situation. This card can indicate that the person is being called to act with integrity and to make a fair and balanced decision. The Justice card can also symbolize the power of reason and the ability to see both sides of a situation.

It can also suggest that the person should be fair and impartial in their decision-making, and weigh all the evidence before concluding. The Justice card can be interpreted as a sign that the person should be fair and just in their actions and decisions, and that they should be guided by their sense of integrity and morality. This card can also be understood as a reminder that what goes around comes around and that every action has a reaction, thus one should be mindful of the consequences of their choices.

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