The Devil Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards Card Meaning

The Devil_photo

The Devil is a tarot card that typically represents temptation, materialism, and addiction. It often appears when a person is feeling controlled by their desires or is giving in to their vices. This card can indicate that the person is struggling with an addiction, whether it is to a substance, a person, or an activity, and that they are feeling trapped and unable to break free. The Devil card can also symbolize the power of temptation, and the ability to overcome it.

It can also suggest that the person should be aware of the negative influence that their desires and impulses may have on their lives and take steps to break free from them. The Devil card can be interpreted as a sign that the person is facing a temptation or an addiction, and that they should take steps to overcome it by facing it, acknowledging it, and taking control over it. It serves as a reminder that the choices one makes, the habits one cultivates, and the people one surrounds oneself with, ultimately shape one's reality.

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