Eight of Wands Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards Card Meaning

Eight of Wands_photo

Eight of Wands

In this card, we see the desire to set everything in motion and free flight.  A lot of unexpected things happen to this person: either actions are resumed again, or a push that gives a swift movement forward. You are likely to achieve real success, but it’s important to be careful and concentrated. The Eight of Wands indicates a strong position, concentration of energy. The past correlates together with the present.If you have this card, then a favorable period is coming, a person needs to take measures and achieve the intended goals.


Upright: very fast changes, overcoming difficulties, travel, self-confidence, ambition, fast decision making, surprise, fast-paced relationship, easy-going work, new offers, too many issues 

Reversed: envy, difficulties, laziness, imbalance, quarrels, stagnation, delays, raid changes in a private life, work troubles, loss of profits, misunderstanding at work.

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