Nine of Swords card meaning

Nine of Swords: upright meaning

Anxiety and stress, misfortune, a sense of nervousness, and guilt are associated with the most prominent but unpleasant cards. Nine of Swords is an omen that warns: the root of all the issues is, first of all, helplessness in the face of the inability to accomplish the desired goals. The fearfulness is groundless, however, all the barriers on your way are real and they require a wise resolution. Nine of Swords Tarot card is also about some minor difficulties that are really not worth paying attention to. You must be capable of detecting your priorities. Moreover, feelings of deeds may haunt you. Psychologically and emotionally, some troublesome and tense periods will come. The foremost recommendation is to stop frightening potential failures and avoid hiding from them.

Nine of Swords: reversed meaning

An upside-down sign of Nine of Swords shows that there is no cause for concern, favorable transformations are coming. A person has the opportunity to learn to dream again. However, this card cannot be completely positive, all the problems that exist at this stage require a logical ending. An individual will be engaged in hard work. Also, loss, slander, and restrictions in anything are not excluded. 

Nine of Swords: love reading

Upright: don’t be scared of being alone. It is the warning that the Nine of Swords Tarot card carries. Loneliness may cause depressed moods but you must find ways to overcome such sufferings and try to live a normal life despite the negativity.

Nine of Swords reversed love: you might be bogged down with bad emotions due to some concrete events, such as a breakup or divorce.

When asking about Nine of Swords career

Upright: your pessimistic way of thinking and outlook may prevent you from reaching success. Reshaping your mindset to unleash creative potential is the key message of Nine of Swords. Avoid being too tired. Also, get ready to look for reasons that hinder your progress. Having not enough strength to make new plans, try to find and realize your vulnerabilities in order to grow further.

Reversed: an inverted position means that the current situation is not as hopeless as it seems. You have the power to gain new heights and move towards your goals. 

When asking about Nine of Swords finances

Upright: a lack of funds for various essential needs may strike you unexpectedly.

Reversed: you must take risks to win and receive significant gain. However, it would be really hard to control yourself, so be careful with your next step.

When asking about Nine of Swords as feelings

Upright: taking the right action, you will immediately feel how your life and conditions are changing for the better. After dealing with life troubles, you will probably suffer because of the consequences, such as pessimism and a bad mood.

Nine of Swords reversed feelings: it's time to honestly accept your weaknesses and seriously work on your mistakes and negative feelings. This is the wisest suggestion of Nine of Swords.

When asking about Nine of Swords future

Upright: you don’t have to worry too much about issues that in fact should not really bother you. 

Nine of Swords reversed future: although it heralds the end of harsh times, it also warns that you have to be patient.

FAQ Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning

What does Nine of Swords mean in reading Rider-Waite?

If it has become harder to live, find a solution to restore your well-being and continue to enjoy life, as most troubles exist only in your head.

What is shown on this card?

Covering her face, a woman is surrounded by swords. The illustration is about contrived problems.

What is this card by number?

The card has 9th position in the Minor Arcana.

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