Tarot Birthday Spread Explained: How to Do The Accurate Predictions

Our birthday dates are pegged as a critical set of numbers shaping our destiny and life journey. Those who are encumbered by constant troubles and want to get a clue and useful hint in life can use this magic day and do a simple birthday Tarot spread to clear up misunderstandings. It is a proven way to overcome difficulties that impede your growth and stop being at your wits’ end, restoring energy and focusing on spiritual and personal development. Doing such a spread is not only for people who get stuck in a vicious cycle, as cards are also capable of unlocking your intuition power, setting up your energy for success, unleashing your inner strength, and helping you to gain spiritual awareness.  

When contemplating how our previous year has passed and reflecting on our mistakes and choices, it would be a great idea to think of our future. What to expect, what are those hidden opportunities on the horizon, and is there something that you must be aware of? And what better methods or techniques could there be to recognize both the hurdles and high points, if not a Tarot deck of cards and the Tarot birthday spread intended for transforming your vague intention into motion?

Types of spreads for beginners 

To start with, you must decide on what type of spread you are going to apply. It can be a 3-card spread, a 6-card pattern, or even a 12-card layout. It's up to you which way to go, however, for inexperienced readers, accurately interpreting 12 signs may turn out to be an insurmountable task. Thus, to start with, try a 3-card spread with the following tarot cards meaning for each position:

  1. Exclusive guidance for the next year just for you.

  2. Your strengths and how to put them into work for reaching aspirations.

  3. Your endeavors and opportunities. 

With such a simple birthday Tarot spread, you can avoid dwelling on past mistakes or missed chances and freely move on without hitch and hurdles. All you need to do is to focus, prepare your mind, and launch an intuition. There is another way that implies some modified interpretations for each position:

  1. Pivotal lessons from the previous year. 

  2. What to expect next. 

  3. Potential problems that one must be cognizant of.

But even using standard layouts, remember that no interpretations are the same, especially your Tarot birthday spread. The task is to extract those unique senses intended specifically for the reader. If you already feel confident in handling the Tarot readings, you can go to the new level, as 6 or 12 cards will tell you much more. For example, why one is lacking remarkable achievement and how to fix it, which action to take for unlocking one's luck, or how to outperform oneself.

Dive deep into ancient and mystical wisdom 

Tarot is an endless source of information that renders vital life guidance and tips, especially during the period when you are in strong reconnection with your zodiac sign and the ruling planet. Thus, if self-respect and enthusiasm have plummeted, a Tarot message gained on your birthday day might help to recover your confidence and propel you forward towards bigger accomplishments. Regaining this imperative sense of wholeness, you will also reconnect with your spiritual energy and will find out where you are headed, how to pull yourself together, or how to manage your emotions.

Set yourself up for a successful year with an accurate forecast 

The human’s natural propensity to ignore signs can be quite harmful and even can dull vigilance, so you will miss chances for growth. But with the Tarot, one is capable of making a big leap toward greater results. And once you got your clear predictions, routine problems and unexpected life surprises are been smooth sailing. Of course, the cards are more than just the sum of numbers or a set of beautiful images, as each symbol encompasses a unique message for a reader, especially when it comes to the Tarot birthday spread. So their decoding takes time and effort. And if you feel symbol reading exhausts or even enervates you, hand in there! Keep practicing even if interpretation seems to be mind-breaking. Moreover, on the well-created platform, each symbol has an accurate description, and once hard-to-grasp meanings now become crystal-clear and quite apparent.

Your destiny is being desided right now...