How To Do A 5 Card Tarot Reading: Build Inner Strength And Confidence

How To Do A 5 Card Tarot Reading: Build Inner Strength And Confidence


Fortune-telling card readings and Tarot Spreads are one of the ancient and well-recognized methods available online and by far the most common way of getting inner knowledge, raising self-awareness, and forecasting. Five card Tarot spread is one of the schemes and patterns that allow us to open an inroad to our spirituality and intuitive feelings of our mind. It is a proven way to look into both the near and distant future, reflect on the past, and understand any difficult and confusing life situation.

The deciding factor in fortune-telling is the choice of method, as there are options for advanced readers, for beginners, daily spreads, one card or multiple cards spreads. Each of them is unique, the meanings of the layouts differ slightly from method to method and, depending on the question, are interpreted differently. For getting advice, solutions, and guidance, a deep understanding and long-term study of each card and its combination are necessary. So let's take a look at how to read a Five card Tarot spread since it also requires experience and continuous improvement of skills.

Five Card Money Spread: Find Out The Next Steps

The key events in the financial aspects of the individual can be revealed with the help of  Five card Tarot spread.  What are the main roots of troubles with finances, what is the current state of things with business, deals that involve money, career, and what can help in improving the situation? All these questions can be clarified with this financial fortune-telling. There is a range of different spread patterns and layouts. One of them can be interpreted as follows:

  • Card #1: Past events, choices, and mistakes leading up to money challenges.
  • Card #2: The current situation.
  • Card #3: Something that can have a positive impact on the problem, internal and external opportunities to resolve the situation.
  • Card #4: Something that encompasses inability and barriers to regaining financial well-being: your problems, hesitation, fears, doubts, and obstacles.
  • Card #5: The foremost tip and the prime answer to the overall question about money.

Diving into Tarot Five card spread interpretation and meanings, anyone will be capable of bringing back a high level of life quality. 

Five Card Spread for Embracing Change: Transform Your Life Now

By their nature, people can deny change, call themselves victims of change, or rejoice in change and expect it. People who are afraid of change, find it a threat to their current position, seek to avoid them. And when changes are inevitable, and you just can’t decide on them, do fortune-telling. Five card Tarot spread will assist in weighing all pros and cons. Just direct all your energy to what you want to accomplish. Here is one of the interpretation schemes for each of the 5 cards:

  1. Description of the present situation that has developed in a given period of time.
  2. The second card describes the area of life in which changes can occur. It can show that a calm future awaits you without global changes.
  3. A description of the changes and how they can affect your future, your lifestyle, and your well-being.
  4. Actions that are imperative if the changes suit you.
  5. A potential outcome that these actions will bring.

If some changes are difficult for you and you resist them probably this is due to the misunderstanding of the importance and of what these changes will bring. Try to approach changes from the other perspective.

The Five-Card Horseshoe Spread

This spread, as a rule, is used in cases where it is needed to find out the features of an issue and how the solution based on our past and present must be shaped, and whether it must be geared towards particular choices and actions. Moreover, one of the 5 cards in Horseshoe Spread must indicate the option of action that will be most favorable for attaining the goals, or, conversely, the action that must be avoided in every possible way.

Focus on your inner-self, feelings, and desires. When DIY, you must be aware that cards must be spread in the shape of a horseshoe. The first symbol will give a hint about how the most important things will be developed for you in the near future. It sparks the understanding of where to move further. The second one in the Five card Tarot spread indicates the state of affairs in the family, business, friends, and close people.  The third one shows the situation with your health and well-being, and the fourth - what are the chances of fulfilling your desires and plans. The last, fifth symbol reveals behavior that should be followed to fulfill your desires.

The Basic Five Card Tarot Spread

It is designed to clarify the situation for almost all areas of life to avoid an unwelcome and poor output. Fortune-telling is simple, it does not take into account the inverted message ​​of cards, as well as does not require special skills. So for beginners in fortune-telling, it will be especially exciting and comprehensible. Connect with your inner self and hidden wisdom, get valuable spiritual tips, and gather vital knowledge for solving issues easily. 

Your destiny is being desided right now...