The Full Moon Tarot Spread And Ritual: The Lunar Phase For Reflecting And Recharging

The Full Moon Tarot Spread And Ritual: The Lunar Phase For Reflecting And Recharging

Reconnecting with the magic of the Full Moon is a perfect way for amping up spiritual growth through practices, such as Tarot reading. And if one strives to recharge body and mind when feeling drained and lacking energy, the Full Moon Tarot spread will help to release tension and let go of any of that built-up troubles. Carving out some time to recover your energy during the Full Lunar phase, you will also restart your mind and bring back your performance capacity for the next month. Moreover, by aligning own vitality with the Moon's power, one can gain inspiration and creative impulses that come from nature and the universe. Thus, grab your unique chance to sync up your internal energy with external energies to reinvigorate with the help of Tarot symbols. 

Full Moon 2022 Tarot spreads: use the most powerful peak of the month

Since The Full Lunar phase is a period during which it is vital to be open-minded to unlock awareness, the Full Moon Tarot spread that may consist of 3 cards can become a great aid for your intuition. Here is how each position in the layout can be interpreted:

  • Card #1. Clarifying concealed issues: is there anything pivotal you might have overlooked?

  • Card #2. Release of cumulative stress and burdens that encumber: what things to let go of?

  • Card #3. Changes: what must be done to transform your inner self?

You can strengthen the ritual with extra accessories, such as candles for clearing up space or amethyst for taking care of spiritual purity. 

Realizing and accepting what we currently have can generate fantastic effects for our future. So to detect some unrecognized areas for improvement, strengths, or potential, you can also opt for the Full Moon Tarot spread that consists of 5 cards. Here is how each position must be perceived: 

  1. Genuine self-knowledge.

  2. Where you are right now?

  3. Things that are no longer serving you, so they must be removed from your life. 

  4. Emerging opportunities for growth.

  5. A sign from the universe.

Any message delivered by an esoteric sign during a special time of the month is unique and accurate. Empty your mind before interpreting those symbols, shield away from distractions, and don't be scared to find out and get rid of things that hamper your success. The Full Moon period pertains to the most energetic one, so use it to your benefit.

How to ensure accuracy of interpretations 

Tarot experiences although encouraging are also somewhat confusing. However, if something thwarts you from reaching set goals, no matter, if it's your career, personal life, or health, the Full Moon 2022 Tarot spread allows manifesting one's wants and true desires. Thus, you will be geared toward bigger achievements. Just free up mental space and declutter your mind to let in those energies that promote inner development. You must be ready to take up this new challenge because, behind the description of each symbol, there is something special that you should match to yourself. 

Remember that every Full Lunar phase delivers with it different energies. It means that with spreads that compose a holistic message for a reader, your problems-resistance and resilience to provocation will definitely get stronger by tuning in and associating oneself with one's surroundings. Just bring your feelings and intuition to the forefront when reading cards to understand what symbols are trying to tell you. If not focusing on your inner self, your endeavors, and your wishes, you won't be able to gain insights with quick or more comprehensive spreads. Letting go of collected issues and emotional baggage may be a grueling objective but during the Full Moon and with the help of Tarot cards, you may reshape your attitudes and spiritually improve.

Tarot sessions are similar to reflection sessions, and even if there is a set of established images in the deck, each symbol will carry meanings within your personality. Launch reflective energy and dive deep into serious thought or considerations. And even if a professional tarologist will do a spread for you, it still won't be so reflective. If you will tackle the task of reading meanings with your own efforts, it may produce more sound results, as you will connect signs with your hidden desires or past mistakes. A specialist might be just guiding you but you are the one who must understand yourself beyond, your tendencies, thinking patterns, and mindset.

Your destiny is being desided right now...