How To Do A 3 Card Tarot Reading: Regain Control, Internal Power, And Wisdom

Fortune telling with a deck of cards is not an easy undertaking. The primary difficulty entails the interpretation, as each individual has a unique situation and issue, so the reading of the Tarot Spreads also must not be generalized. The fortuneteller must be able to unravel the meaning, unlock threats, and discover the future in each combination, including a  Three-card Tarot spread. If you are a beginner and the task of explanation seems complicated, try to learn how to perform three-card schemes and interpret symbols in each position. Before a fortune-telling session, it is paramount to unwind and tune in your energy in the right flow. Having low-spiritedness and moodiness, it is a bad idea to use Tarot cards. Remember to launch your intuition: trust it and then you can accurately understand how to read a Three-card Tarot spread.

The future can often seem very vague, one that is difficult to understand. Sometimes anxiety overcomes, there are worries about how this or that event will pass, what will happen tomorrow, and the unknown of our future can cause lots of frustration and feelings of annoyance due to the inability to change or attain something. 
Three-card Tarot spread gives hints of what to expect. The influence of our past or present often distorts the objective assessment of what is happening, so Tarot can become a helpful tool to clarify some aspects. And this is a proven way to find answers to the possibilities of getting out of difficult situations that interest us. The Three Card scheme is suitable for analyzing any situation, event or question! This is truly the most versatile method, suitable for all occasions. The meaning of the positions of the cards may vary depending on what is your goals:

  • feelings - thoughts - actions;
  • the essence of the situation - detrimental actions - beneficial actions;
  • the desired goal - what will accelerate its achievement - barriers and limits;
  • my emotional condition today - how will the day go - advice for today;
  • the main event of the day - the mood - unexpected situations.

But the most popular spread pattern is an analysis of the past, the current days, and what will happen. It allows you to avoid being stuck, will give you space for improvement, and even can enhance successful planning.

Tarot scheme interpretation: how to read a Three-card Tarot spread?

The scheme of three cards can be understandable both to a beginner and an experienced reader. If it is hard for you to focus, it is recommended to meditate for at least 3 minutes to nurture inner peace and stay centered. It helps to concentrate, to establish an energy connection with the signs, and to plunge into the subconsciousness. Interpretation of the results is possible if one feels mind freedom, a sense of involvement in the mystical appears, and a specific, indescribable connection with cosmic energy.

Card 1: The Past 

The deck will reveal the events of the past, pointing out the most significant of them, and determining the impact on the course of existing problems. This card comprises unlocking the true cause of your troubles. Perhaps they will describe a person, a mistake, or a way of life/thinking that makes the present the way it is.

Card 2: The Present

The second card in the spread determines all the variables and the external components affecting your choices and decision-making in the future. It promotes re-considering them and predicting the potential scenario of events development. 

Card 3: The Future

It is about the choice of a further model of behavior (is it worth taking risks, which active steps are better to take to resolve the case), coverage of future events, and the inevitability of some events. A correct analysis of current problems, as well as their systematization, is the key to a successful future for any person. At the same time, it is important to understand that the events described by this card are not static. You can change the predicted outcome of a case by your actions or decisions. The symbol only shows the outcome of the case with your current actions and lifestyle.

Three-card Tarot spread allows anyone to shape a probable forecast that will help to correctly design a line of behavior, avoid pitfalls and traps, and minimize conflicts.

Your destiny is being desided right now...