Page of Swords: unlock deeper meanings

Page of Swords: unlock deeper meanings

Page of Swords: unlock deeper meanings

While some symbols in the decks can be explained more clearly, the Page of Swords meaning can be a little bit confusing and unclear at first sight. Usually, it is about the importance of finishing what you’ve started. But it carries a completely different message that each person must interpret taking into account a range of pivotal factors, for example, what are your questions, in which sphere of life you are seeking tips, and which troubles you are striving to solve.

Page of Swords: upright card meaning

One of the messages that the card holds is your significant natural brain and creative potential that triggers you to attain new goals. Having some kind of an issue, you must take everything under control and avoid aggravating and worsening the situation. It will lead to your total failure. The Page of Swords in Tarot also might be a serious warning that you are not taking serious actions and don’t assess your next move and which outcomes it can bring. The sign characterizes a young individual who has a critical type of thinking and can be quite enthusiastic.

Page of Swords: reversed card meaning

This sign in an inverted position is about starting the conflict and intensifying confrontation. Something unexpected may happen. It will frustrate you. Your dreams will not be fulfilled. However, still, no long-term serious troubles are expected. Page of Swords suggests managing your emotional condition, avoiding being overly emotional, and controlling your behavior. 

Page of Swords: love reading

Upright: two people are incapable of clearly communicating. All these differences of opinion can have different triggers. For someone, Page of Swords is not a good omen, as it can harm the harmonious future and fuss-free development of connection with others.

Page of Swords reversed love: some negative news and troublesome information can strike you unexpectedly if Page of Swords comes upside-down. It may lead to stress.

When asking about Page of Swords career

Upright: colleagues at work have tight relationships. It can prevent from attaining the set goals.

Page of Swords reversed career: barriers and limits in business and dirty methods in conducting any type of job are the main warnings. 

When asking about Page of Swords finances

Upright: recently, you have often thought about how to earn more. It can motivate anyone to work harder.

Reversed: you want to improve your financial situation, but all attempts are unsuccessful. Your plan is probably not good enough. Try to think through each step and detect the risks.

When asking about Page of Swords as feelings

Upright: some life transformations and changes are your biggest strivings. You can get a new sense of inspiration that provokes you to act.

Page of Swords reversed feelings: you don’t pay attention to emotions. Page of Swords can be more about rationality. Such imbalance can be harmful. 

When asking about Page of Swords future

Upright: there comes the right period for getting rid of everything superfluous. Deal with your illusions, unfulfilled expectations, and more importantly, unnecessary connections to avoid being confused with your own feelings.  

Page of Swords reversed future: the situation can be aggravated due to misunderstanding. The card also warns about theft (and not necessarily things, but, for example, useful information).

FAQ Page of Swords Tarot card meaning

What does Page of Swords mean in reading Rider-Waite?

Your body and mind are full of power that allows you to attain new heights, try new experiences, and gain new skills. 

What is shown on this card?

A young person in rich clothes and with a rather pompous look is depicted in the illustration.  There are no plants and you can see some clouds.

What is this card by number?

In the Minor Arcana, the card has 11th position.

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