Celtic Cross Spread in Tarot: Grab Your Chance To Find Out More

Celtic Cross Spread in Tarot: Grab Your Chance To Find Out More

The oldest and most recognized card reading, that is the Celtic Cross spread in Tarot, suits almost everyone. Most individuals, no matter if they are experienced readers or first-time readers, pick it. Its popularity can be explained by the universality of data decoding that allows one to stave off potential troubles and serious failure. The result of the most preferred Tarot Spreads is possible to apply to multiple issues and problems in various fields of human activity. If you are confused and not sure which fortune-telling to choose to get trustworthy tips and workable solutions, you can safely pick Celtic Cross spread in Tarot. A feature of this fortune-telling scheme is that there are possible answers to how further events will proceed, what will be the difficulties and main obstacles that interfere with your life, as well as what awaits you in the future, and how to avoid all the upcoming problems that may occur on your path. 

How to read the Celtic Cross Tarot spread

The Celtic cross came into modern Tarot practice from ancient times and meant power, knowledge, and the desire to deal with ups and downs. The spread is considered complex, as it has 10 positions. But it is as informative as possible, however, requires a strong focus and the right flow of energy. Discovering how to read the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, anyone is capable of unleashing the truth and gaining the needed advice in any life sphere. A complete and detailed answer includes obvious external signs and hidden internal reasons, which are often concealed deeply into the subconscious. So here are a short description of how to interpret each position: 

  • Card 1: The Present. It describes the relevant events and gives a clear, cohesive, and concise look at the present.
  • Card 2: The Challenge. Defining a problem is always an intimidating task, however, the 2nd card simplifies the exploration of the troubles and suggests the most likely scenario.
  • Card 3: The Past. Discovering the impact of past events is an imperative step in this Tarot reading.
  • Card 4: The Future. Are you not sure how the events will evolve? The symbol in the 4th position delivers hidden information and opens access to your subconscious attitude to the events.
  • Card 5: Above. With this card, you can detect all opportunities given to you to avoid missing the important ones.
  • Card 6: Below. This position is about the direction in life where an individual must be headed.
  • Card 7: Advice. Spiritual guidance can be a real helper and, more likely, if using this advice, you will grow and prosper, your well-being will be promoted, and success is guaranteed.
  • Card 8: External Impacts. We are all subject to external influences and must recognize them and how such influences may affect us. 
  • Card 9: Hopes/Fears. It can ensure emotional awareness and understanding of the inner-self. Analyzing our desire and detecting what scares us, we must gain control and manage it.
  • Card 10: Outcome. Remember that the final output depends not on the card ( it only gives suggestions) but on you and your choices. Having negative omen, don't give up. It just gives a complete answer and describes an issue at the time of doing this spread. Usually, it is enough to see one's own mistakes to solve a problem.

Celtic Cross Spread in Tarot is often used to clarify the unknown and predict the future. If one is beset by trouble in any life aspect, it is possible to find out the essence of the situation, its hidden nuances, what will help to accomplish goals and which hinders might be a source of failure, and how this situation will end for you. This is a universal tool, you can ask any question that concerns you or relates to any area and get a detailed and accurate answer to it. Fortune-telling can encourage the inner forces of the soul to act and efficiently get out of a difficult situation. The same question cannot be repeated very often: this will cause false information and frustration, absurd combinations that do not correspond to reality.

Is it worth going digitally when doing the Tarot spread?

You have a unique opportunity to read tarot cards online free. So you don't need any special knowledge, and you can get the answer at a convenient time and in any place. You can rely on a digital assistant that can objectively and adequately assess your situation and give advice on what to do next. Online platforms have a clear and comprehensive description of each symbol, pattern, or scheme. Such an approach yields an array of benefits, so you can try the power of the Tarot right now and gain powerful insights.

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