The Best Tarot Questions To Ask About Your Ex

The Best Tarot Questions To Ask About Your Ex

Frankly, the nicest aspect of tarot is that it allows you to ask the cards ANYTHING. No question is too illogical for the tarot; even better, there is no criticism. There are countless problems that tarot may help you comprehend and resolve. I steer clear of health-related inquiries because I think a doctor would be a better resource for those, but I welcome every other subject. All the solutions are already available and ready; all you need to do is access them, even if it's tarot questions about your ex. 

Some of us strongly desire to learn more about the tarot questions about relationships we are currently in. Relationships are never superficial, and love is complicated!

In other words, specific tarot questions about love can assist us in figuring out where we currently are and even where we should be in our relationships. The ex-boyfriend's tarot spread can also help us make amends for previous relationships which might have harmed us.

Would s/he come back? This is one of the most often questions asked to tarot readers. There always appears to be someone looking to get answers from tarot questions about ex.

Although it's normal to seek support after a breakup, worrying over the reappearance of an ex would be neither enlightening nor therapeutic. Why? Because you're delaying your future while hoping for someone else's impending (and frequently improbable) return, which is out of your control. The "will s/he come back" question forces you to wait for your future to "happen to you" rather than focusing on what you can do to move on or recover.

This results in a lot of waiting in anticipation of the desired conclusion, especially if the tarot spread, for ex, indicates a promising future.

But when the ex tarot spread doesn't give you what you'd like to hear, it can also cause frustration. For something like this, the clients who are informed that the ex won't visit are or may be the most abusive ones. Even when I was right, I can't count the number of times seekers have become irate, sent offensive letters, or posted negative reviews. When the delusion is pricked, they will switch readers in an unhealthy attempt to get the solution they want.

Other tarot love questions that typically don't result in functional, fruitful responses include:

  • Do they adore me?
  • What does s/he think of me?
  • Do they have relationships with other people?
  • Will x be left for me?
  • Do they deceive me?
  • Is my ex-partner dating anyone?

Some of these inquiries are intrusive (you have no right to know who s/he is having a sexual relationship with), so avoid asking them. And once more, it assumes that if your ex gets to their senses, something terrible will "happen to you." There is a more effective technique to inquire about a previous relationship.

The good questions to ask ex-love tarot spread

These intelligent inquiries emphasize you and return the power to your hands rather than asking if they will return.

  • How can I go past this breakup?
  • How can I continue?
  • What can I take away from this connection?
  • What were my relationship blind spots?
  • What problems do I need to concentrate on if I want to get ready for a good relationship soon?
  • What impact did my own problems have on this relationship?
  • What should I know to find a stable relationship?
  • How can I improve my future relationship decisions?
  • Put yourself in the spotlight rather than them, always. Because they may not be a part of your future, but you are.

Ex tarot questions that will help you move on

This tarot question about ex, which is included in Tarot For Troubled Times, could help you think about the things you're clinging to and what your subsequent steps might be to help you let go since you're experiencing problems moving on.

Confidently shuffle the deck. Once you've done shuffling as you want, lay the cards facing down on the table. Divide the cards into 3 piles, then combine the piles back into one. One card from the deck should be placed for each question.

  • Card one: Why dont I want to move from this connection?
  • Card two: Why do I insist on maintaining this connection?
  • Card number three: What else do I want to see now but cannot?
  • Four: What should I do to let it go and go on?
  • View the pictures. What exactly are they telling you? What does your gut instinct say? 

Although there is no one right technique to let go, I prefer to emphasize to everyone that nobody becomes spiritual by clinging on. There isn't enough love in the world, as evidenced by sticking around for an ex. It perpetuates a lack of a mindset and keeps you in a loveless relationship. You must have faith in the goodness and abundance of the world. When you start acting according to that belief, you make room for the ideal candidate to appear.

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