New Year Tarot Spread Explained: Feel More in Control of Your Life in the Coming Year

New Year Tarot Spread Explained: Feel More in Control of Your Life in the Coming Year

If you are running out of power, energy, and motivation for the next year, Tarot will help to regain the will to live even if life gets tough, personal improvement is sluggish, and one is in a state of stagnation. If things don't go the way you expected or if you are feeling on edge and don't want to start next year with a sense of uncertainty, the New Year Tarot spread will help you to stay even-keeled, consistent, and emotionally balanced. Reading esoteric signs and revealing true desires lodged somewhere deep in the recesses of your mind, it is possible to gain a feeling of upbeat, recover peace of mind, and reconnect with your inner self. And even if the overall message is not so positive, don't trip about it and avoid panic, as it is given to you so you can foresee the troubles and get ready to fight them back. It turns your blindness into awareness.

Your capability to envision your future year can definitely be strengthened by the New Year Tarot spread and forecasting. Esoteric symbols depicted on each card hold meanings and they can improve your ability to contemplate and scrutinize the reason behind things, especially those reasons that provoke irksome problems. Tarot spreads that bring a message on New Year's Eve will promote introspection, as well as a deep and awe-inspiring analysis of your feelings and incentives to ensure the correctness of future choices, decision-making, and action. Examining one's conscience and understanding true desires and strivings are also possible through card symbols, thus, all motives that govern one's decisions, behavior, and actions will be illuminated. Tarot is a powerful spiritual weapon that makes any personality more self-assured.

Gain powerful and deep insight for the next year 

Cards for each month of the upcoming year. A year-ahead prognosis is possible to get by pulling out 12 cards — each symbol for each month. So let's imagine you've got The Tower card from the major arcana for January. Now, you need to dive deep into the description of this card. It is probably about sudden change, usually, a negative one, which might be upsetting or surprising. The sign is just a warning, so you need to analyze its every aspect and how it can affect your life. Being equipped with such a warning, you will be capable of finding a way out more efficiently. If for February, you will get The Star, probably you've coped successfully with the harsh period in January and a harmonious phase has come, so new achievement will be a breeze for you. You can expect a burst of positive emotions. No matter which card you get, it is imperative to accurately understand it, linking together each month of the year. 

Two-positions New Year Tarot spread. It is also possible to apply a two-cards cross. It is a fast and concise way to figure things out when you are about to lose your temper and need to bring back a state of composure quickly. Of course, such a New Year spread won't deliver a holistic picture of what to expect. It is rather just an instant snapshot of your present problems (the first card) and the next step for dealing with them (the second card). All you need to do is to put one card in the center whilst the other one you need to put lengthways the first one. Read the description and draw a message out of there to apply it to your situation. You can change the meanings of each position, so instead of current trouble/solution, you might go with goals/blockage, desires/limitations, etc. And don’t simply put cards side by side. It must be crossed because two crossing signs give more connected meanings.

6-card year-ahead prognosis. Concepts and patterns of Tarot spread for the New Year may vary. 6 positions of the layout may also tell you a lot, for example:

  1. Lessons from the past. 

  2. Previous achievements.

  3. Aspirations and ambitions for the next year.

  4. What will empower you to attain goals?

  5. Impending hurdles.

  6. Navigation of how to overcome the barriers.

With a year coming to an end, there’s a strong sense of reflection everywhere. And it is a quite proven fact that reflecting on our past year will be reflected in our next year. And looking back before planning ahead is a smart strategy that allows one to detect weaknesses and focus on strengths. Embracing future challenges will be much easier with Tarot Spread for the New Year since cards can broaden your vision and nourish your ability to see beyond established boundaries.

Your destiny is being desided right now...