10 Popular Tarot Spreads For Beginners

10 Popular Tarot Spreads For Beginners

You can use a tarot spread to determine the number of cards to draw, their placement, and their sequence. Note that the reading becomes increasingly intricate the more cards you use. To get more obvious answers to your concerns, it is, therefore, preferable to choose spreads that call for fewer cards. A few standard spreads are something you'll need to understand if you're eager to learn how to read tarot cards. To assist you in finding a few helpful spreads as an introduction to reading tarot cards, I have pulled together this collection of beginner-friendly tarot spreads. I think these are the finest for beginners, but remember that you'll need to learn how to read cards for yourself. These tarot spreads can benefit from some practice runs with a close friend or family member. By doing so, you can comprehend how these spreads function and increase your confidence in your card-reading skills. You will discover the ones that speak to you and connect with your own spiritual foundation.

What is A Tarot Spread

A tarot spread is used to choose the quantity, location, and order of the cards to be drawn. As you use additional cards, you'll notice that the reading becomes more difficult. Therefore, choosing spreads requiring fewer cards is desirable to obtain more precise answers to your queries.

Popular Tarot Card Spread

The following are the most common tarot cards. Some folks like to deal their cards one face up at a time. Some want to lay down all of their cards face down before turning them over one at a time. You'll learn what works best for you as you use your cards. As a result of the intuitive nature of employing cards, you should always rely on your intuition rather than what you believe to be the "correct" course of action.

One Card Tarot  Spread

If you haven't previously pulled only one card from the Tarot, then it is time you try this. It requires an automatic choice of one card to represent a scenario or inquiry. For this Tarot spreads for beginners, all you need is a little self-reflection (particularly if you're pulling for yourself) and some research if you're still studying the cards' meanings. Some  tarot card readers and astrologers assert that you don't always need to use a full spread. Besides, you can use a one-card tarot pull for questions other than yes-or-no ones.

How do you do a tarot spread with one card

  1. Set some clear parameters for yourself. Before pulling your card, you must consider what your gut tells you about the solution.
  2. Ask a question that is direct, precise, and sincere. "Then notice what you're being urged to comprehend about the issue that you would not be completely aware of.

These are her illustrations:

  • Will I land this position?
  • How do I feel about my boss, friend, or lover?
  • Will I have a serious relationship with this new person I met?
  • What do I need to understand about ?
  • What do I need to concentrate on today?
  1. Meditate. Take into account the artistic representation, the historical meaning, and any individual connotations that spring up for you.
  2. The cards are shuffled once you're ready. You can continue to jumble the cards as long as you like. However, you should stop when you feel it's appropriate to spread them out.
  3. Select the card that draws your attention. Occasionally, while the cards are shuffled, one or more will spring out. Take any of those cards if you believe it to be the right one for you.

Three card tarot spread

When you first learn to read tarot cards, it might be challenging to connect different types of Tarot spreads into a story. A straightforward method for reading several cards simultaneously is the three-card Spread. Finding the narrative that unites all the cards in a tarot spread is simple to understand and practice when you start with a basic three-card spread. Both novices and experts in Tarot employ the 3-Card Tarot Spread. Even while the 10-card Celtic Cross spread is seductive and appears more "genuine," any problem is solved with a simple three-card spread tarot reading.

How to go about the three tarot spread card

  1. Three cards should be dealt face up once the deck has been shuffled, and make sure that    you pay attention to the different types of Tarot spreads you see.
  2. Describe a narrative with a foundation, middle, and finish.
  3. Find the narrative thread that connects each of the cards.
  4. Belief in oneself.

Five card tarot spread

A spread that adopts a cross structure is the five-card Spread, which is relatively standard. This kind of reading sheds light on your inquiry. Again, it offers an excellent understanding of what exactly happens and how you may handle it gracefully and clearly. I recommend this Spread every time you have to make a significant life decision.

Five card Tarot spread - cross formation

Building on the three-card pattern, a cross is used to shape a five-card tarot spread. A center row in this Spread could have three cards representing the Past, Present, and Future. Underneath these three, one card is dealt, revealing the fundamental cause of the current situation. To illustrate the situation's potential, a fourth card is selected and placed just above the three already in the row. The brightest and/or darkest possibilities concealed inside the current situation are shown, even if they may not be the final result.

Five cards tarot spread - rectangular formation

It is also possible to investigate a theme and its different versions using a five-card tarot spread. The other four cards are arranged in a rectangle all around the theme spread card, which is centered among them. It typically gets pulled last. Although you can choose in advance how each position will mean, some readers prefer to analyze the four surrounding cards broadly. The cards could, for instance, stand in for worries, aspirations, conflict, another person's viewpoint, a tool to use, or a learning experience to be learned.

Tarot spread for a focused question

You might occasionally utilize the cards to respond to a single, precise question. Due to the requirement that you interpret the cards in light of anything else, this reading style is always intimidating. The Celtic Cross tarot spread is a fantastic approach for intermediate or experienced readers to expand their knowledge, while the Yes or No tarot spread is perfect for novices.

Yes or no tarot spread

Tarot spreads that are a yes or no are great since they're so straightforward. They represent an essential question and typically one card that stands in for the "yes," "no," or "maybe" response. Using the Tarot, a personal story can give more depth and richness. Quite often, the potency of a tarot question and response pair is constrained. Despite this, it's a fantastic opportunity to experience card reading and learn how to read a situation as energy. Try the Celtic Cross Spread 10 Card Spread or The 28 Card Life & Anchor if you require more in-depth knowledge. This is ideal if you enjoy this Spread and are seeking some straightforward answers.

Celtic cross tarot spread

One of the most famous and frequently utilized Tarot spreads today is the Celtic Cross. You've probably heard of this Spread, even starting. The 10-card Spread is one of the most difficult to grasp, though, and it will take some time to properly comprehend and gain deeper insights. However, once you learn how to read a Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, it can be useful even if you don't have a specific question to ask because it can provide a plethora of information about a certain topic. The Celtic cross tarot spread comprises 10 card positions. Each symbolizes a different question. However, combined, they have the form of—you got it—a cross, and to its right is a vertical row of four cards. One of the Tarot spreads that readers most frequently utilize is the Celtic Cross layout. But did you know it's also one of the most challenging Tarot spreads to interpret correctly? Even while novices often employ the Celtic Cross spread, which is found in almost every Tarot book, many readers of the cards overlook its potential for providing more profound insights.

How to do a Celtic cross tarot spreads

  1. Start with card shuffling but focusing on your questions
  2. Draw 10 cards, then arrange them in a Celtic cross.
  3. Personalize the Celtic tarot cross spread. After you've spread out all 10 of your cards, you may start deciphering their meanings based on their placement.
  4. Pay attention to recurrence or patterns.
  5. Utilize your instinct, which reigns supreme in interpreting the meanings of a tarot spread.

Tarot spread for love

The Tarot cards include one of the oldest theories on how people perceive and comprehend the entire cosmos. A love Tarot reading is an excellent resource for life advice. It helps you understand how to get through uncertainties that prevent you from taking actions that could change your destiny. Again it allows you to understand your deepest desires and aspirations and uncover the most complex justifications for your emotions. The Tarot's purpose is to forewarn you about upcoming factors that require your attention. Dealing with the Tarot is simple, particularly in the interactive virtual edition in which a detailed description accompanies each card. You need to accurately understand a love Tarot reading with your insight on a profoundly spiritual and cerebral dimension since all explanations and answers are concealed. From the idea of its formation to the modeling approaches and reading strategies, tarots are internal force and destiny predictions that are the subject of several legends and myths. But rest assured that myths are created not because Tarot magic does not exist but because it is hard to precisely know how the cards function, how they predict the future, and why predictions about love, life, job, career, and family success occur. You must identify the patterns and the meanings they convey to comprehend how the Tarot provides predictions. The essential job for those who desire a free love Tarot reading is correctly interpreting such indicators by drawing on internal capabilities and interacting with their spirit. Nevertheless, examining the core is considerably easier when using a virtual deck of cards. All you need to do to know where to go is focus, pick the cards with your intuition, and read the descriptions of each card to find the best answer to your questions about affairs, infidelity, marriage, and divorce. You can also obtain free love Tarot readings if you have trouble finding life partners.

Tarots spread for money

Do you have money issues and don't know how best to handle budget shortages? Or does your cash shortage destroy your strategies? To prepare for future challenges and solve all issues relating to your pocket, it is time to try out the money Tarot reading to uncover the answers to your most perplexing and thorny queries. Knowing all of the financial factors that can improve your life is always a wise decision. Draw power and resilience from different Tarot spreads that can provide powerful wisdom and missing information to get you through difficult times. Goals of free money readings with tarot cards:

  • Your efforts will be appropriately directed by the cards, resulting in more significant gains;
  • Picking cards and correctly reading them will provide you with effective direction to avoid problems and smoothly handle even the most challenging circumstances;

Your entire potential is realized, balance is found, and an intelligent budgeting strategy is ensured with the help of a money tarot reading. A part with such a money spread is included in the virtual interactive platform to foresee the best case scenario in your life and identify opportunities, so you don't miss them. Besides, it provides detailed financial guidance and information about financial management. You can learn how to get financial stability by focusing, choosing cards, and reading the precise description attached to them.


What is a spread in tarot cards?

A tarot spread is a layout you can use to organize the cards. The pattern often includes one or more spread spots that represent the question's ingredient(s) and, taken combined, will provide the solution. It is helpful since it enables you to deconstruct your query into its component pieces (which could form the spread locations), from which you can gain highly particular knowledge and advice as you explore the solution to your inquiry. You can learn more about the energy influencing your examination in-depth information in a meaningful way. Therefore, having a spread available can aid you in looking at complex topics from various perspectives and analyzing each of their components at once.

Can you tarot spread for yourself?

No doubt. I believe it is more difficult because we frequently have desired results in mind. What the Spread refers to can be unclear to a beginner reader. You might want to look at this tarot mat, which can be both a beginner's and an experienced reader's best friend. I enjoy it. The key to ultimately connecting with your intuitive powers through the usage of the cards is to maintain as much calm and attention as possible. Check your deck's reference book for information on card meanings if you're completely lost as to how a particular card pertains to your inquiry. By connecting with your intuition, you can use a tarot reading to uncover the inner solutions to questions about your love, relationships, and life path. Although there isn't one optimum method of bringing cards, doing so can help you get so much out of each reading.

What questions do you ask tarot cards?

The coolest aspect of Tarot is that you will always ask the cards for ANYTHING. No question is too illogical for the Tarot, and even better, and there is no criticism. There are countless problems that Tarot may make you know and address. Make your questions specific by breaking them down into manageable chunks, considering both the past and the future. Before asking a yes or no question, consider your question carefully and ask when things will happen. Examples of the questions include;

Questions to ask after a breakup

  • How energetic is the partnership right now?
  • What caused the divide in the first place?
  • What do they think of me right now?
  • What do they intend for me right now?
  • What kind of relationship will this be in the future?
  • Which action is ideal for me to take right now?

Questions to ask when job searching

  • How active am I in my career right now?
  • What challenge must I overcome?
  • What is my calling in life?
  • How can I follow this calling more closely?
  • One who can assist me
  • What should I do to prepare for the upcoming month?

Questions to ask when deciding between two options

  • What is the fundamental cause of this fork in the road?
  • What is the likely result of choosing option A?
  • What is the most likely result for option B?
  • What more should I take into account that was overlooked?
  • What's the best thing I can do right now?
Your destiny is being desided right now...