What Is a Synastry Chart?

Synastry is the most exciting section of astrology that entails generating astrology chart compatibility and uncovering how relationships between two or more individuals (lovers, friends, parents and children, colleagues, etc.) might be developing. It also encompasses understanding the reason for sympathy and a sense of tenderness or a deep-seated feeling of disliking or even aversion between people, as well as anticipating likely troubles in a relationship and possible solutions. A well-designed synastry chart shows what relationships concrete people have right now or will be on sexual,  emotional, spiritual, or unconscious levels.
Synastry is a careful and sensitive analysis, full of mysticism, higher senses, and hidden truths, it is an art of accurate estimate of the similarities or dissimilarities which can unleash the most hidden secrets. Astrologer, comparing the horoscopes of two completely different people, assesses the potential of their interaction and uses their astrological information, such as date of birth, zodiac signs, etc. It provides a more clear ground for understanding emotional connections, however, the study of the synastry chart may also illustrate how business partner interaction can develop or give a tip on how to establish and strengthen a parent-kid relationship. 
For example, if an employer hires a knowledgeable expert for a position, but they are not tuned to the same mental, emotional, and spiritual waves, it means their attitudes, vision, and values also will not converge and things will not work out. There will be constant nagging, harassing episodes, the expression of disapproval of each other, disappointment, and bitterness. The chart can come to the rescue: it will allow deriving reasonable conclusions, understanding weaknesses in the relationship or partnership, and whether it is worth continuing cooperation at all. As for romantic compatibility, of course, sexual and emotional compatibilities are critical for joint prosperity and growth, however, it is much more pivotal to be aware if people respond to each other spiritually.

What To Know About Astrology Compatibility in a Synastry Chart

One of the greatest spiritual compatibility tests exists for analyzing the natal charts of partners, or generally two individuals, by date of birth, looking for their affinity and connections in terms of planets. Two astrological charts are combined in one picture, and it gives the chance to study various synastry aspects to dive into the level of quality and intensity of the interaction, similarities, and interlinks of two natal charts. Astrology chart compatibility with the deep interpretations is recognized as the most accurate forecast of the relationship between couples that give inner insights and wisdom. Throughout our lives, we meet hundreds, thousands of people, and only a few of them can harmonize with us on spiritual or sexual levels and tune in with our inner world.
Such charts will help to reveal the partner and to learn the hidden features of the particular personality. It is easy to find out whether the partners are connected only by physical attraction, or whether there are other aspects and inducement and interest in someone that are beyond the ordinary. The astrological analysis will identify areas of cooperation and what is absolutely unacceptable. Synastry will give you the opportunity to find out whether you are prone to self-deception and mistakes, and in general, whether marriage with a partner is possible. The more synastry aspects you have, the more promising the development of your relationship. Aspects will also indicate which type of interaction dominates: flirting, love affair, business partnership, or the possibility of marriage.
It is paramount to understand that our attitude toward people, in general, is initially determined by our natal chart. While synastry determines the attitudes toward a particular person, as your emotions and feelings about others are only your personal vision and the top of the iceberg. Our date of birth, zodiac signs, and the ruling planet will reveal the truth, showing passions, ambitions, and true desires that even we may not have guessed. Astrology chart compatibility just reveals how we perceive each other and by which scenario the relationships will be developing. By matching two charts, the astrologer will look at the next features to give you the needed information, clearer insight, and deeper understanding:

The predominance of the elements and their interaction with each other for representing your personality tendencies and how they can interact with another personality, for example, balanced elements are great grounds for growth and mutual respect. Thus, Fire-Earth is a powerful combination, when the Earth will ablaze with passion whilst Fire is more disciplined. However, the Earth-Earth union is running the risk to paralyze each other and block growth and prosperity.

  1. Dominant signs. The noticeable domination of one Zodiac sign over another in a comparison chart provides valuable information about the nature of the future relationship. For example, in the pair Taurus-Sagittarius, the last one does not want to follow the whims of other people. Sagittarius is spontaneous and can be guided by a sudden inner impulse while Taurus likes to keep everything under control, this sign is about stability. 
  2. The Ascendant-Descendant axis for gaining more information on how we perceive ourselves and how others see us.
  3. Assessment of compatibility with the house system.
  4. Mutual aspects of partner planets. For example, a woman's Venus in conjunction with a man's Pluto, meaning, first of all, an intense and really strong physical connection.

Over time, experts have continually improved their analysis techniques and introduced new variables for greater accuracy. Today, the process of assessing compatibility has been brought to near perfection, but, unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with the method of evaluating connections between two people using aspects and planetary forces that create those aspects within a chart.

The best astrologers not only interconnect the natal charts of two people but also analyze them separately, which is also can give valuable information. Synastry is a very precise science, which has a huge number of pitfalls. The calculation is so meticulous that it will be impossible for an ordinary person to cope with tasks accurately on their own. Moreover, your compatibility chart can be supported by Tarot readings, such as love readings or card of the day to piece together some details and gain a clearer picture of your love and relationships. That is why it is recommended to entrust a synastry chart to a professional astrologer.
They will analyze aspects of similarity, links between celestial bodies within a composed chart, and expectations for the seventh house of the horoscope, which is the house of partnership. They will also analyze the planets to obtain insights into individual sexual preferences or temperaments or test aspects for harmony, and so on. This is only the smallest part of what happens in synastry analysis.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Find Your Soulmate

There is an array of considerations for creating a compatibility chart and making sure that you are the perfect couple. These astrological features include, for example, where the moon, sun, and planets were at the moment of your birth. All these things are determined by your birth date and can be compared with your partner. Interpreting the findings, it is possible to detect if you are compatible with someone and how, as there are different layers. Thus, you could be intellectually compatible with somebody but not be romantically compatible. Or you can experience emotional connection on the spiritual levels and not feel any physical attraction.
It is imperative to be aware of all these layers, as your conversations might be really great and you feel satisfied and are perfectly connected in one or another aspect but, having a different outlook on life, you still can experience a myriad of troubles with an inability to efficiently solve them. And even if you are sexually, emotionally, and even mentally compatible, you can be incompatible ethically or morally and have a serious dissonance with your partner. Such assessment can point to all the layers of compatibility that are available within the relationships.  
In addition, zodiac sign compatibility assists in spotting things that naturally work in the relationship and boundaries that prevent a happy future, areas for improvement, our strengths and imperfections, as well as the strong sides and weaknesses of our partner. It is also a proven way to find out what really matters to us. And once we've discovered our desires, wishes, preferences, and expectations based on our zodiac signs, then we have an easier time at finding someone who we can really be compatible with. 

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