How Do I Interpret My Tarot Card Reading

How Do I Interpret My Tarot Card Reading

This simple, yet effective online tarot card reading uses the major arcana in order to give you a strong, yet brief message. This tarot reading is an effective way to get a snapshot on a situation that is unclear and to answer questions. 

How Do I Interpret My Tarot Card Reading

You’ll draw six cards, here is what each card will represent
1. Your Present: How you feel about yourself now
2. Current desires
3. Fears or concerns
4. Favorable influences
5. Unfavorable influences
6. The outcome of your situation or question


Here are a few tips to help you make the best of this tarot card reading: 

Ground and Center: Take a few breaths and clear your mind before you start, this will help you focus on your question or situation. Getting yourself centered and setting your focus will help you synchronize with the universe and obtain better information

Be Specific: Be specific in what you’re asking. The more specific your question, the more likely you are to receive a response that makes sense

Focus is Key: Take a moment to focus on your question before you draw your cards and as you’re doing the reading. 

The more focused you are on your question, the more likely you are to get accurate answers. If you’re unfocused and nothing is making sense, take some time and do this when you can really pay attention to your question.  

Read the Description: Each card has an image and a description to help with your interpretation and, unless you are highly experienced at reading tarot, the description is going to extremely helpful. Remember, just because a card looks scary, doesn’t mean that it represents something negative- read the description! 

It’s Called Reading for a Reason: As you read through the meanings, think of how the card, and its location, connect to your original question. Sometimes, not all aspects of a given card’s meaning will make sense- focus on the parts that do make sense to your question

Be Prepared: When asking your questions, be prepared for the answers. Sometimes, you may receive an answer that you don’t like. 

It’s Not Science: The accuracy of your readings depends on a variety of factors including your own ability to interpret the cards correctly. Don’t expect hundred percent correct, fool-proof answers from this online tarot card reading. 

First is Best: Assuming that you are concentrating on your question and taking time to interpret the cards, your first reading is going to be the most accurate. If you have further question, try a different spread.

Remember that Our Future Is Our Own: Tarot is a tool that can help us be better prepared for potential future events. If you don’t like what you see in a reading, there are probably actions that you can take to avoid that specific outcome. 

Likewise, if you receive a reading that is favorable, don’t’ stop doing whatever you’re doing and expect things to magically come to pass. 

Don’t “Nag” the Cards: If you don’t like an answer to your question, try to wait until circumstances have changed before doing another reading. The online reading makes it easy to keep asking the question over and over again- don’t do this!  

Keep in mind that, while this tarot cards reading may not give you as much information as a personal tarot card reading that is performed by an experienced card reader.

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