Understanding Ten of Swords message

Understanding Ten of Swords message

Ten of Swords: upright meaning

Get ready for unforeseen and destructive situations that can provoke an array of serious troubles in your life with the Ten of Swords. And these might be not just difficulties and some barriers in a person's life. It may be a severe feeling of hopefulness and despondency. The keywords associated with this sign are:

  • the end of something;

  • time of drastic changes and transformation, a turning point in life;

  • suffering;

  • apathy, feeling of hopelessness;

  • so bad that it couldn't be worse;

  • bitter thoughts;

  • a period of despair.

A complete defeat is expected with Ten of Swords Tarot card no matter whether you seek a solution for your work, university, or next steps for your personal growth. Probably, you might experience pain and devastation. Losing someone or something, the experience of the tragic pain of loss can throw you off balance. This card can bring a positiveness, as sometimes, it indicates the end of a harsh period, but only after pain, suffering, despair, and sadness.

Ten of Swords: reversed meaning

No success and prosperity can be expected with Ten of Swords even being upside-down, rather, on the contrary, there is a lack of luck in life. No matter what you do, you are unlikely to succeed. There is an array of barriers and restrictions, and movement towards goals, personal growth, and career development aren’t foreseen.

Ten of Swords love reading

Upright: you will be very tempted to destroy the current connection with your partner to get some beneficial outcomes or use a prosperous offer. But in practice, the gain will be temporary, and the loss will be permanent. 

Ten of Swords reversed love: success and the beginning of personal upgrade are the key messages of the Ten of Swords Tarot card. But a great love story is possible only after a difficult life period. 

When asking about Ten of Swords career

Upright: you can expect a change of activity, the completion of the current project, or a new proposal. Most often, the card symbolizes a new type of activity, up to changing business. In more rare cases, Ten of Swords means an unexpected assignment. 

Reversed: a complete defeat in the professional field is the main warning. Symbolizing a lost battle, which, however, does not yet decide the outcome of the entire war, a way out still can be found with time.

When asking about Ten of Swords finances

Upright: your balance and harmony will be harmed due to a lack of cash. 

Reversed: whenever some situation with money seems irreparable to an individual, then the time when all problems will not seem as complicated as they seemed at first glance will come for sure.

When asking about Ten of Swords as feelings

Upright: in the sphere of personal relationships, the Ten of Swords symbolizes danger and crisis, indicating that you are too suppressing your desires and for gaining a temporary sense of satisfaction are ready to destroy the friendship and strong business relationships.

Ten of Swords reversed feelings: the sign is about the hardest life period, associated with heavy losses and inability to develop. You will be stuck in one place. Barriers will be hard to overcome.

When asking about Ten of Swords future

Upright: it's time to say goodbye to the past. Also, the card can symbolize a warning. Perhaps you might give up something useful and important. Look around carefully: perhaps fate gives you a chance, but you have overlooked it.

Ten of Swords reversed future: there may be troublesome events but soon everything will change. Having issues at work, you will overcome them but not instantly. 

FAQ Ten of Swords Tarot card meaning

What does Ten of Swords mean in reading Rider-Waite?

It symbolizes the finish line and the end of a certain life period. The card also symbolizes the result of a certain activity, the time of collecting and processing information. 

What is shown on this card?

The illustration is really terrifying: a man lies on the ground, stabbed by a dozen sharp blades. More likely, he was killed. The drawing is made in a contrasting manner with a predominance of blood-red color.

What is this card by number?

The card takes 10th position in the Swords Suits.

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