The Best Tarot Books For Beginners

The Best Tarot Books For Beginners

Trying to read just about everything is necessary for improving and honing your skills. This may apply to Tarot books as well. But it could feel a little overwhelming at first. There are a lot of tarot books to pick from, mainly if you are a beginner.

Where do you begin when there are so many choices? How do you know which option resonated with you?

I've read many tarot books for beginners as a tarot reader to understand the decks and the card system better. Therefore, before you waste hours looking for your first tarot for beginner books, review this list of the best books for tarot beginners.

Therefore, before you waste hours looking for your first tarot for beginner books, review this list of the best books for tarot beginners. 

Hopefully, your bookshelf is always filled with a lot more Tarot books soon. Besides, I believe that once you have read the books, you will be in a position to suggest the best reads. 

The best books for tarot beginners trending today

Before moving on to the more complex tarot reading books, we recommend starting with the following list if you are beginning to read tarot cards and books. These introductory tarot card books include:

The easiest way to learn the tarot ever!!-by Dusty White  

I regret not having had a chance to read this tarot book for beginners when I first started reading tarot cards. Author Dusty White challenges traditional tarot books by sending new readers on a profoundly individualized adventure with the tarot. This book provides no method for understanding tarot, exposing the myths and stale old guidance that gets regurgitated repeatedly in his signature funny, outspoken, and personal style. The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot—Ever!! By White features exercises that, despite the two exclamation points, title! It can help you immediately strengthen your connection with the tarot. It's a pleasant method for learning tarot and a strategy that aids in developing abilities for formulating a system of interpretations specific to your intuition and gut feelings. Simply put, this book is fantastic.

The ultimate guide to tarot-by Liz Dean

This is unquestionably one of the best tarot card books for beginners. This tarot card book for beginners can be used as a  reference because it is simple to comprehend but sufficiently thorough.

It offers straightforward instructions for getting started reading the cards as well as choices for various card spreads. This book also thoroughly explains each card in the main and minor arcana.

When youI need a reminder, you should frequently consult The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Card Meanings. It is sufficient in its breadth and accuracy and is simple to use too.

As a result,it is one of the best tarot books for beginners. A reliable introduction can be your best book choice when you are just looking to start your tarot journey.

21 ways to read a tarot card—by Mary K. Greer

This tarot book for beginners "introduces the fundamentals to develop your technique for each particular card. Besides, it gives you a chance to establish your relationship with the cards. Therefore, this tarot card book is considered classic and ideal for a beginner.

This book essentially guides you in understanding the significance of each card. It will also encourage you to apply that significance to your personal life. 

Tarot for Change-By Jessica Dore 

The debut book of Tarot for Change, by Jessica Dore, was released on October 26, 2021. Jessica Dore has amassed more than 130K Twitter followers following her insightful tarot readings, and daily card pulls. This book offers advice on using tarot for growth and self-care instead of fortune-telling or divination, aimed at both novices and seasoned users who want to try a different approach.

Seventy-eight degree of wisdom: a tarot journey to self-awareness- by Rachel Pollacks  

This book will assist you in establishing a connection with your playing cards and spiritual life by examining the symbolism, background,  tradition, and mythology associated with each card. The book will help you explore the vast history of tarot and ancient spirituality. 


Reading is necessary to study tarot because it is a frivolous science rather than a lifetime, individualized journey through the wisdom of the past. As a tarot reader, you should be looking for new ways to learn more about the principles of reading, divination, and tarot. You can only succeed if you start with the best tarot books for beginners. They will expand both your knowledge of and practice with tarot.

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