Tarot Meanings Major Arcana

Tarot Meanings Major Arcana


The Major Arcana cards in a Tarot deck are considered the most recognizable and significant. Each of the 22 cards contains a special message that offers insight and suggestions to help you through trying times.The scenarios they depict are ones we all encounter in the great scheme of things. These Major Arcana cards provide messages about the wider context of your life. This is a long-term trajectory, in contrast to the Minor Arcana cards, which concentrate on the daily acts and choices you must make.

The 22 Tarot cards also form a story. However, each Major Arcana card exists independently, with its own profound meanings and influences. The Fool, the first card, serves as the narrative's central figure, and the 21 cards that follow help to illustrate his experiences as he develops, learns and navigates through life. This narrative is a fantastic representation of the successes, failures, and experiences we all encounter as we navigate life's difficulties. All these develop into whole, complete individuals.

To understand the Tarot Major Arcana, we need to know its origin and meaning in Tarot. 

What is the meaning of Arcana in Tarot?

The Latin term "arcanus," which means "secret," is where the English word "arcanum" (plural "arcana"). This word was introduced in English during the Renaissance. It was widely applied to explain the mysteries of the physical and spiritual realms, which were the subject of intense investigation and reexamination at the time.

Therefore, the Latin word "arcanus" means "secret," and the plural form of that word is "arcanum." In a tarot deck, the Major Arcana cards stand for life's themes and teachings that correspond to your material and spiritual reality.

There are two types of Arcana, the major and the minor.  

The difference between major Arcana 

The two components of a tarot deck are the major and minor Arcana.The 22 major arcana cards portray the Fool's Walk through the Tarot. They represent common themes and life experiences like choosing the right path or believing in one's own abilities. For example, you can think of concepts of balance and connection if you choose the Couples from the Major Arcana. However, it can also signify the ability to choose.The Major Arcana often offers a significant message when it emerges in a reading.

The 56 cards that make up the minor arcana deck symbolize lesser, more commonplace themes in life. There have been four categories, each with 14 cards, and they are organized identically to a standard deck of cards. Each deck starts with an ace, then moves on to cards 2 through 10, then four face cards (court cards: Page, Queen, King, and Knight). Understanding how the four Minor Arcana suits — Wands,  Swords, Cups, and Pentacles — relate to each of the four astrological elements will help you better understand a card's attitude.

Major Arcana Card Tarot Meanings

Tarot Major Arcana Meanings: The Major Arcana cards represent the major archetypal themes. These themes influence your daily life. The themes also have a journey through your soul and play the role of enlightenment, life lessons, and karmic repercussions. The overall long-term features of your life will predict these tarot cards accurately. 

Major Arcana Card Meanings in Tarot Readings

The Major Arcana Tarot Cards' meanings are rich and intricate in a brilliant way. These Tarot cards hold the solutions to the thoughts and feelings passed down through generations. Thus, clearly showing the fundamentals of human awareness.

The Major Arcana cards, sometimes known as the Trump Cards, are a group of 22 cards that make up the tarot deck. These consist of 21 numbered cards and one trump card (the Fool), symbolized by card number zero.

The Fool, who serves as Major Arcana's pivotal character, adventures across all the other cards in search of himself. He meets new teachers along the way and learns new thoughts on what life is all about. The Fool eventually completes his mission with the World card.

This is known as the Fool's Journey in Tarot jargon. The journey is a helpful guide for comprehending the storyline of the Tarot Major Arcana meanings.

What does it mean when your Tarot consists mainly of major Arcana cards?

When the Major Arcana cards dominate a Tarot reading, you are experiencing events that will change your life and have long-term repercussions. You must focus on several important concepts to improve your spiritual and psychological search.

Reversed Major Arcana Tarot cards may suggest that you are not focusing enough on these crucial life lessons and that you must fully understand the concept before continuing.

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