The World Card

The World

The World is typically represented by a dancing woman or a globe that is flanked by four figures. The figures are symbolic for the four corners over the world and the four elements and they represent Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius. The world is associated with balance, completion, and harmony between various energies- including the balance between one’s inner and outer worlds.


Upright: fulfillment, harmony, peace, completion of a task or project
Reversed: Feeling empty or incomplete, lack of closure

The World Upright

This is definitely a great card to see upright in any reading as it is associated with unity completion. The World denotes a feeling of connection and unity since we are all connected to the universe.  The World indicates completion of projects or a major positive life event such as graduation or the birth of a child.
This card is also connected to the community and the desire to give back.

The World Reversed

When the world is reversed or upside down in a reading, the World signals the end of a major journey or a long period of time in your life that doesn’t bring about a feeling of fulfillment. In this case, the World encourages you to look back and find out what’s missing.

World in Love

Upright: Seeing this card in a love reading can denote a sense of deep fulfillment, completion, and happiness. If your question is focused on whether or not to take the next step in your relationship, the World coming up in a reading should be seen as a sign of encouragement.
The World may also represent one who is content with and fulfilled by their life without a relationship. After all, healthy relationships happen when both partners are already fulfilled, individuals.  
Reversed: The revered World card means that it’s time to re-examine your love like and figure out what’s missing. A feeling of fulfillment may be close, but also just out of reach. Look inside yourself to find what’s missing. Are you holding on to a negative past experience? Are you not fully appreciating your partner? The World card is telling you to identify and tie up loose ends no so that you can be happy.   

World in Career

Upright: Seeing this card in a reading about your work or career means that you’re probably in a pretty good place in terms of having a job that’s fulfilling and there’s much to celebrate. This card can also serve as encouragement to take the next steps in your career and continue to grow.
Reversed: As with other things, reversed World in a career reading means that you’re close so something big and fulfilling but not quite there yet. Find out what’s stopping you. Is it the expectations of others? Is it your own expectations that were set too high? This card encourages you to reevaluate your goals so that you can be whole and fulfilled in your career.

World in Finances

Upright: When it comes to financial questions, the World encourages you to take a moment and enjoy your success. No matter what your accomplishment- paying off a loan or simply hitting a savings goal, give yourself a pat on the back. You should also take a moment and figure out how your finances fit into other aspects of your life.
Reversed: The appearance of reversed World when asking about finances means that you are close to reaching your goals but that it may be time to reevaluate your financial goals and your relationship to material things.

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