How To Shuffle Tarot Cards

How To Shuffle Tarot Cards

You'll need to know how to shuffle tarot cards a little bit to be able to read them. Tarot card shuffles can help you establish, focus, and connect to the Source. It allows you to tune into yourself and the forces surrounding you while concentrating all your focus on your question. You won't get a good reading if you merely pick a card at random.

Importance of Shuffling Tarot Cards

Your mentality is everything about tarot cards and how to shuffle them. Tarot card shuffling should help you into a thoughtful or meditative state where you can intentionally step out of everyday life to a more insightful and wise frame of mind. Before initiating the tarot reading, you need to take a pause. Ask in silence for help, protection, and direction while you shuffle. Consider getting ready mentally and contemplate the questions you'll ask the tarot cards. Switch your brain from "everyday" mode into one that is more mindfully focused.

Techniques on How To Properly Shuffle Tarot Cards

1. Overhand or Top-Down Shuffling

Tarot card shuffles should be done top-down or overhand for beginners. How to do it:

You start by using your non-dominant hand to grasp the deck.

Take a chunk of the back of the tarot cards and move it forward in piles, starting at the back.

This is done 5–7 times.

2. Deck or Pile-Style Cutting

The tarot deck will be broken into heaps, separated, and then put back together. Repeat this several times, and then choose your card.

Combining this shuffle with the overhand or bridge shuffle is a brilliant idea.

3. Casino-style shuffling, the bridge shuffle, or the riffle

This is the most recognizable and aesthetically well-known method of how to shuffle tarot cards. It is the same way the playing cards are shuffled. The deck must be cut in half, then brought together at one end, often the short end. However, you can also use the long end.

This sort of shuffling strikes me as being more challenging. When dealing with more fragile decks also gives me anxiety. Make sure you know how to shuffle tarot cards properly using this technique since it is considered a delicate shuffle technique.

4. Rushing and Reorganizing

Rushing and reorganizing will scatter your cards in front of you using scrambling and regrouping. After that, you will reassemble the deck using the opposite motion from how you scattered them. Repeat this several times. Alternatively, you can begin with this approach and end by shuffling using one of the other approaches described above.

5. Mix It Up!

Feel free to mix things up when you shuffle. When you feel compelled to, vary your shuffling while reading. This could entail mixing the bridge with the overhand shuffling, especially if you are wondering how to shuffle new tarot cards.

How to shuffle and deal tarot cards is a terrific opportunity to tune into the energy present and establish a connection with your deck. Regardless of the approach you use, you must be at ease so that you may concentrate on the subject.

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