The World Description

Have you been thinking of planning a trip? The card of the World usually implies travel of some kind. You may feel like taking time off and letting go of your past, whilst at the same time trusting you have done a good job, and what lays before you is the next step on your journey.

For love: Today is a great day for love. There's a spring in your step and you may feel as if you are ready for something new. If you are currently single then you may also be feeling as if you have finally put the past to rest and are ready to meet a new partner.

For work: Today is a day of completion. Is there anything you have been putting off and now need to finish? Perhaps you have something that you have been working on for a while and today is the day it is done. Whatever it is, know that the job is soon behind you and you will be ready to move on to bigger and better things.