The Moon

The card of the Moon implies confusion and muddled thinking. This will not be the day to make decisions, especially if they would have far-reaching consequences. The energy around you today is far more conducive to daydreaming and relaxing, not pushing yourself to do too much.

For Love: Your love life may be in a bit of a conundrum as you try to sort out the truth from the untruths. That said, it is always better to not go running into an unclear situation. As the facts you need are not at hand just yet, try giving yourself some much needed time to get back into «you». If you can do this, you will have the best possible chance of sifting through the facts when they do come to light.

For Work: Idle gossip could get you into trouble today, so don't go acting upon all you hear even if you trust the source of the information. Emotions may be running high and practical input may be running low. To even this out you need to step away from any explosive situations. Tell yourself there is always tomorrow to sort out any problems that may arise.