Six of Cups

The Six of Cups speaks of memories from the past. This can be a visit to the hometown, first school, meeting childhood friends or first love. Anyway, these moments bring joy to the heart and positive energy. The card often means the renewal of old relationships, but the person is not obliged to accept them.Sometimes the card indicates harmony in a working or love relationship. All team members support each other and make an equal contribution. The Six of Cups means to give without expecting to receive.

The appearance of the reversed Six of Cups means the loss of a sense of reality due to constant thoughts about the past. Nostalgia can be associated with pleasant or negative moments. However, anyway, it hinders the development of a man. Reflection prevents to see new opportunities. In case of anxiety due to past mistakes, a person must find peace and harmony before moving on. Instead of focusing on the problem, take it as a lesson not to let it happen again. In the case of offense or self-blame, forgiveness is the best way out.